Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me (2020)

Thomas Jefferson Rachel Me What if Thomas Jefferson returned to life penniless powerless and without a single slave What if he meets a beautiful mixed race woman he takes to be Sally Hemings reborn Thomas Jefferson Rachel M
  • Title: Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me
  • Author: Peter Boody
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me
    What if Thomas Jefferson returned to life, penniless, powerless, and without a single slave What if he meets a beautiful mixed race woman he takes to be Sally Hemings reborn Thomas Jefferson, Rachel Me is a tale told by retired history teacher, Jack Arrowsmith, a man numbed by the deaths of his wife and son It s about his and his late son s girlfriend, RachelWhat if Thomas Jefferson returned to life, penniless, powerless, and without a single slave What if he meets a beautiful mixed race woman he takes to be Sally Hemings reborn Thomas Jefferson, Rachel Me is a tale told by retired history teacher, Jack Arrowsmith, a man numbed by the deaths of his wife and son It s about his and his late son s girlfriend, Rachel Carter s adventures with the writer of the Declaration of Independence They meet the ghost of Jefferson at Monticello and, fighting off their panic, agree to take him off to see America A history grad student at Columbia, Rachel knows secrets about Jack s son and wife that she decides Jack must know They will turn his world upside down, just as Rachel s world will be changed forever by her evolving relationship with Jefferson Dazzled by Rachel, Jefferson regains the vigor of his prime as the trio travels together But what then For all its fast pace and humor, Thomas Jefferson, Rachel Me is a story about love and friendship, grief and loss, family secrets, and America s own denial of its past It s a story that will stay with you long after its bittersweet finale.
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    1. How exactly would Thomas Jefferson react to finding himself suddenly living in the 2010s Would he embrace modern technology and today s social changes, or would he be a complete fish out of water The exploration of this theme definitely makes for an enjoyable book It is intelligent and has history thrown in than the average time travel book Actually, this seems to be one part time travel book, one part history book, and one part ghost story At first, I wasn t sure it could be categorized as a t [...]

    2. Loved this book As a Jefferson buff, I was fascinated by the idea of the man walking in the modern world I felt Boody did a good job of capturing how Jefferson might react, adapt and view our times He also did not pretend that Jefferson s prejudices would magically fall away with ease I breezed right through the pages and thought the tale ended in a wonderful way.Now I cannot wait to re visit Monticello

    3. Of all the Founders, I guess we can t be too surprised that it s Thomas Jefferson who loves to Google on his Mac computer Jefferson arrives as an apparition, but soon dons flesh and bones and moves right into the 21st century He s amazed yet undaunted with today s technology, but remains a man of his own time, which presents its own problems for his agreeable hosts and himself.Peter Boody s fine novel is a rare treat It includes humor and some zany adventures, but also serious issues of TJ s his [...]

    4. Very interesting premise have Thomas Jefferson come back to life in 2011 and have him spend a year acclimating himself to modern dy America He makes two good friends along the way Jack the narrator and Rachel, Jack s dead son s girlfriend On paper, this should have been a VERY good book In reality, I was left a bit underwhelmed The story didn t really go anywhere Yes, there were a few twists and turns here and there, but for what this could have been I just felt disappointed The ending also seem [...]

    5. Not my normal genre to read but was pleasantly surprised Past meets the present Not only did I find it enjoyable to read I found myself learning fun history facts that I did not know and or remember My husband is the history buff and has visited Monticello but I have now decided that maybe I should take a visit there as well Makes you wonder what our founding fathers really think of the world today.

    6. Loved this book The concept I found was interesting I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen at the end I also learned things about TJ the politics of the day that I didn t know I recommend it highly.

    7. I want to state ahead of time that I received this book in a giveaway however, I am always very honest in my reviews and I don t think this in any way affects my thoughts on the book or my review here I did, however, appreciate receiving the book, as I almost do all of my reading through the library and my local library does not have this book available something I have asked them to remedy.I really did want to read this book, as I love historical fiction, and this book sounded like a great read [...]

    8. What would it be like to spend a year in the company of Thomas Jefferson the real Thomas Jefferson, alive again in the 21st century That s the premise of Peter Brody s mesmerizing novel, THOMAS JEFFERSON, RACHEL ME The story s narrator, retired history teacher Jack Arrowsmith, runs into the ghost of Jefferson one summer afternoon at Monticello, Jefferson s home in Charlottesville, Virginia A few days later, he and his friend Rachel Carter return to Monticello to search for the ghost what they fi [...]

    9. I was thrilled to win a SIGNED copy of this compelling and imaginative book Then I was thrilled as I read the story The author quoted Emily Dickinson, saying Unable are the loved to die For love is immortality Thus begins of story of immortal love pursued by a man created by his times There was a charming, dreamlike quality to the 1st chapter that engaged my interest and led me, willingly, deeply into the story Thomas Jefferson was such a contradictory personality He was great, and brilliant, wi [...]

    10. Although an avid reader, I have never before felt moved to post a book review But this book is different I want to keep thinking and talking about it, maybe to prolong my time with the story and its characters The book moves quickly, but the characters have stayed with me Boody skillfully brings the three main characters to life, endowing each with an intriguing past that is still haunting his or her present Even Thomas Jefferson, who first emerges in a beautifully and eerily rendered twilight s [...]

    11. This was a fantastic summer read Retired history teacher Jack Arrowsmith and his late son s girlfriend Rachel find themselves at Monticello one day, where they meet the ghost of Thomas Jefferson Mr Jefferson then hangs out with Rachel and Jack for the next year.I have to admit, I m really very fond of the whole time travel premise This had the elements of time travel, with a good dose of humor thrown in I learned about Thomas Jefferson in this book than I had at any other time in my past.There [...]

    12. Sometimes the free books on are really quite good, and sometimes they aren t Fortunately, Thomas Jefferson, Rachel Me is the former I enjoyed this book very much It was part love story, part ghost story, part historical fiction I don t know much about this amazing man who was our 3rd President, but now I am inspired to learn I now want to travel to Monticello to learn about this fascinating gentleman Granted, Mr Boody could take liberties with Mr Jefferson s personality, as history doesn t tel [...]

    13. I am a First Reads winner The Idea of this story really appealed to me I entered the drawing and then went over to to the take a look inside this book I loved the preview I read I was so happy I won a copy I eagerly waited for my copy in the mail I was surprised to find that Peter Boody personalized a autograph to me, thank you for that What a story I am still reading and absolutely love the story so far I can t wait to read on and will update what I think of the story.I loved it Very different [...]

    14. This book caught me by surprise, I think if someone had told me in detail what the premise was, I would have passed but once you are into the story, it is hard to put down The author definitely knows his Jefferson and gives all the characters a proper amount of believability as they are all entranced by Jefferson s dynamic personality You definitely do not have to be interested in the historical aspect to find yourself immersed into this well written story.

    15. I still can t decide if I liked this book or not I didn t think it was especially well written, yet the premise was good and the story was intriguing enough to keep me reading to find out what happened I definitely think the readers were robbed by not knowing what went on with Rachel and Jefferson during their time alone together in NY It would also have been nice to know the whole truth about Jamie instead of having it revealed only to Jefferson.

    16. I was completely captivated by the time I got to Page 2 Imagine having the opportunity to meet a famous historical figure and get the skinny on why he made the decisions he made Add to that the ability to introduce him to present day technology And the extra wow for me was showing TJ around his university, Charlottesville and present day Washington, DC It was fun to hear about Mr Jefferson googling things and see him adapt to life today I enjoyed the whole thing.

    17. I won this book through in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book I felt that Peter Boody did a wonderful job combining historical facts with modern times It was an interesting spin on what could ve been I loved the ending too I felt an understanding of why things happened and played out like they did Good job Peter Boost I would recommend this book.

    18. I loved the premise of the bookloved the idea of the ghost of Jefferson returning to modern day times I found the main characters interesting but the book overall choppy and ultimately unimpressed with the ending I was hoping for meat out of the story, I guess.

    19. So glad that I had the chance to read this book Couldn t put it down once started Filled with interesting Jefferson facts I have visited Monticello in the past, though will appreciate it all the on my next visit What a great book Wonderful story.

    20. This is an unusual story I enjoyed it and appreciated the logical ending Now I have a lot of questions about Thomas Jefferson s life and beliefs Another free download from Yes, I do read a book about every three days unless I m working.

    21. Thomas Jefferson is back and experiencing life in our time I usually avoid ghost stories, but this is an interesting and entertaining look at the changes in our country since revolutionary times A whimsical tale.

    22. I really enjoyed this book and it kept me engaged while on the treadmill my litmus test Wasn t crazy about the ending, but I would def recommend, especially if you like a little history

    23. I loved the concept and fully bought into the story I wish I d had the book with me when I visited Monticello this summer

    24. Authors pray for a Tweet like this Can t sleep TJ, Rachel Me has taken over my body mind like no book before Will it be a movie Thanks for this work Roma Prindle, July 17, 2012.Thank you, Roma, whoever you are Some novels are than the sum of their parts Thomas Jefferson, Rachel Me is a fun read that also strikes a deep chord for many readers, those who appreciate its ultimately haunting mood, its vivid dialogue, and its page turning story line and its flawed yet enchanting characters, especiall [...]

    25. Authors pray for a Tweet like this Can t sleep TJ, Rachel Me has taken over my body mind like no book before Will it be a movie Thanks for this work Roma Prindle, July 17, 2012.Thank you, Roma, whoever you are Maybe someone in Hollywood is thinking along the same lines A major agency contacted the author by email in late 2013 to ask if the TV movie rights to this obscure novel were available TJRM was named by the staff of the Urbana, Illinois Free Library as one of their favorite books of 2012 I [...]

    26. Thomas Jefferson, Rachel MePeter Boody330 pagesJack Arrowsmith, the me in the book s title, and Rachel Carter, Jack s dead son s girlfriend, meet the ghost of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello When Jack and Rachel engage Jefferson, he becomes a solid, breathing man who convinces them to take him away from Monticello Thus ensues a sometimes delightful tale of past and present that intertwines Jack s grief over the loss of his wife from illness and his son from an automobile accident with Jefferson a [...]

    27. Disappointed.I had high hopes for this work The pros I enjoyed the conversation the main character Jack Arrowsmith carries on with a reincarnated Thomas Jefferson The language is dead on for the period.The cons The author needs to go back and reread the work A lot of words are missing Paragraph and sentence structure are weak and convoluted at times Many times I thought there should have been breaks for the thoughts which didn t flow.I couldn t help but notice how the reviewers didn t bring up t [...]

    28. This is a really strange book At the conclusion, I m not sure what it was really about Thomas Jefferson, Peter Boody s transparent biases, or the two carefully manufactured characters who share the title with Mr Jefferson.I thought I would enjoy reading it because I spent many years in Virginia and particularly in Charlottesville, and the characters comings and goings were familiar and conjured up some great memories.But potential readers need to be aware that the basic plot of the story is buil [...]

    29. I was a Good reads first reads winner of this book I even got an autograph by the author Peter Boody.I enjoyed reading this what If book it is interesting to imagine the what if a real life person comes back in a Fiction setting It helps to be willing to go with it and I did the main character jack Arrowsmith is a big fan of Thomas Jefferson on a tour of Thomas Jefferson s estate Mr Jefferson appears as a ghost to him then disappears jack brings Rachel a young woman who is biologically connected [...]

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