The Dark Gods (2020)

The Dark Gods Sheila McCarthy a high school student trapped in a magical land is the only one who can help when the Unicorn Queen is kidnapped by a handsome evil king
  • Title: The Dark Gods
  • Author: Josepha Sherman
  • ISBN: 9780449903599
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dark Gods
    Sheila McCarthy, a high school student trapped in a magical land, is the only one who can help when the Unicorn Queen is kidnapped by a handsome, evil king.
    • [KINDLE] ñ The Dark Gods | BY ó Josepha Sherman
      Josepha Sherman

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    1. This was one of my favorite books in this series, because Sheila actually has to take an active role in overthrowing the bad guy, since Illyria and the eagles aren t able to swoop in and save her although, the unicorns do a fair bit of rescue swooping at the very end Sheila s sole advantage is her other worldly origin and it actually helps her out quite a bit here, by making her immune to the main bad guy s magic Handy.Plus, Kumaru is actually a pretty good villain Like, I stopped viewing Mardoc [...]

    2. I started reading Secret of the Unicorn Queen when I was around 12 years old These are the books that made me fall in love with scifi Fantasy Take a normal girl Shelia , and drop her into a parallel universie with unicorns, a cute boy and an evil tyrant who must be defeated and you ve got the makings of a great story Plus Shelia, has her back pack full of your basic normal school stuff but that normal sutff equates to life saving magic in the Unicorn Queen s relm.These books are safe for girls o [...]

    3. Synopsis Synopsis 1 When Sheila McCarthy first landed in the magical kingdom of Arren, all she could think about was how to get back home But surrounded by her new friends, the beautiful unicorns and their courageous Unicorn Queen, she soon realized that hanging out in an enchanted land and doing battle with an evil wizard beat going to high school any day When joining a royal procession through Prince Laric s land, Sheila and her warrior friends discover evil afoot near the border in the form o [...]

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