Risky Redemption (2020)

Risky Redemption Four years ago Angela Reardon was brutally attacked and she still bears the physical scars and traumatic memories While she s worked hard to overcome her fears and build a successful business she s
  • Title: Risky Redemption
  • Author: Marissa Garner
  • ISBN: 9781538760703
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • Risky Redemption
    Four years ago, Angela Reardon was brutally attacked, and she still bears the physical scars and traumatic memories While she s worked hard to overcome her fears and build a successful business, she s still haunted by her inability to identify her assailant Now Angela only wants to be left alone until a shadowy stranger reignites her desire to be loved But their time toFour years ago, Angela Reardon was brutally attacked, and she still bears the physical scars and traumatic memories While she s worked hard to overcome her fears and build a successful business, she s still haunted by her inability to identify her assailant Now Angela only wants to be left alone until a shadowy stranger reignites her desire to be loved But their time together may be briefe someone wants her deadA assassin Jake Stone s targets deserved to die Until now Until he falls in love with the innocent woman he s been hired to kill Jake can t fight his attraction to Angela, and he knows that someone else will be sent to finish the job So can he save Angela and redeem himself by uncovering who wants her killed When the trail leads him into the carnal underbelly of L.A the truth is shocking than even he could ever imagine.
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    1. From the blurb, Risky Redemption sounds exactly like the type of read that s up my alley a woman with amnesia, mistaken for a mark for treasonous activity and is put as a target for a honey trap, until she really disappears when her innocence is proven Angela Reardon s secrets however, aren t the type that should concern the CIA at all and in a case that s not just about mistaken identity, the rot in the system appears too little too late, until she looks to be the kind of collateral damage swep [...]

    2. 3 1 2 stars out of 5Marissa Garner Covers are always spot on with the contracting colors and will pop off the book shelf Marissa Garner has unique way of writing but this time I had a difficult time getting into the book as she bounced between the present and past Causing the story to feel incomplete at times and almost a puzzles that readers had to put together without all the parts.Man times the lead man aka the man child would throw around how little sex he had had since meeting was funny at [...]

    3. D.N.F At 44%, I have to throw in the towel on this one.Jake is an ex SEAL, ex CIA hitman, and current PI in California When his handler calls him out of retirement for one last job at triple the rate, Jake can t turn it down After meeting his target, Angela, Jake realizes that all isn t as it seems How can this angelic, and very obviously damaged woman, be behind selling state secrets resulting in the death of a man The story bounces back and forth between the past and the present In the past sc [...]

    4. Angela Reardon hasn t been able to get over the brutal attack she suffered four years ago, which makes it hard for her to trust a man Yet, there s something about Jake Stone that has her willing to give him the chance to help her overcome her traumatic memories But when the truth comes to light on why Jake has come into her life, will Angela give him the chance to help identify her assailant and find out who wants her dead or will she walk away from the first man that has reignited her desire fo [...]

    5. Overall I enjoyed the story The cat and mouse that Jake and the contractor played was interesting I enjoyed how Marissa Garner placed clues as to who hired Jack in the story that when separate don t make sense but when you see them in totality has you go aha I enjoyed the suspense and watching Jack figure out what he was feeling and battle with himself over his job and how to redeem himself He had a moral compass to a point The story overall was well paced and intriguing It keeps you on your toe [...]

    6. I have never been so engrossed in a book, overtaken or completely blown away by an ending Risky Redemption was an amazing suspense It was completely unexpected and though I guessed some I had no idea about the whole That said I feel I should mention if anyone is sensitive to triggers this book may be too much for you The author thankfully didn t go into great detail about it nor did she dwell on it and luckily it was at the end of the book so the characters and the reader didn t have to relive i [...]

    7. I just finished the latest from one of my favorite authors, ever since I read the Marriage Trap, and she has stepped up her game In a gritty romantic suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end, Garner brings us the story of a hit man who thinks he s unredeemable, and his mark, a woman with secrets even she doesn t remember I thought the way Ms Garner took us back and forth from the past to the present was effective to deliver the clues and the relationship arc without giving away th [...]

    8. Volleying between the past and the present this book presented a unique style of writing with the plot twists that, were at times predictable but nevertheless had me glued till the end Though I do wish the ending would have been a lot closure filled than it actually was But I did enjoy this beauty and I have to put the rest of the series on my TBR For reviews visit For The Love of Fictional Worlds Do come join us at For The Fictional Worlds Facebook Page

    9. I ve read Marissa Garner before and enjoyed her writing style, so I requested an ARC of this novel from Net Galley I ve got to start by saying that I don t tend to prefer books which jump back and forth in time like this story does, but I stuck with it because I really liked Jake, and the time jumps were only within a few months Jake was an assassin but had a conscience He did his job but only by convincing himself that he was getting rid of only people who deserved it After getting the contract [...]

    10. For the last four years Angela Reardon has been going through life with her guard up, constantly battling the fear that lingers in the back of her mind, and occasionally makes her wonder if her attacker will show up to finish the job that he started She has made big strides towards getting her life back, gaining some normalcy, and even starting and maintaining a successful business But just like a bad penny her attacker shows up in her life again, and decides to reek havoc on her life again now [...]

    11. I ll be honest it drives me crazy when books go back and forth between time For example the present then 14 weeks earlier, back to present, etc But this story was so good, I couldn t put it down Plenty of action, suspense, and heartbreak A surprise right till the end.Angela has a tragic past that makes her fear men She has amnesia and doesn t remember what happened only what police and doctors tell her But she is trying to move on She owns an interior design company and has a successful career J [...]

    12. 3.75 Risky Redemption is a adult contemporary romance which was really not what I was expecting, it really surprised me in a good way.So the story involves an ex seal CIA agent who is an assassin for hire His lastest target is our leading lady The book opens with a punch and your thrown into a mystery, investigating a crime that has happened involving Jake s lastest target Along with Jake, you go back and forth between past and present slowly putting the pieces together Its told in duel POV betw [...]

    13. risky redemption is one of those books that plays with timelines in order to build suspense by moving back and forth between the present and the past we are slowly piecing together the clues that the lead characters are gathering for themselvese problem is that i called the crucial piece of information early on, and i also suspected one of the key twists before they happened i do like to be right about things, so while i wouldn t say i was in suspense, like i wondered when jake would ever clue [...]

    14. Risky Redemption by Marissa Garner is a seat of your pants romantic thriller that grabs you by the throat and doesn t let go until the last page.Jake Stone is a woman s fantasy come to life tall, dark, handsome, considerate lover with one teeny weeny flaw He s a killer to be specific, a former SEAL, CIA, contract killer But he s done, out of the business and into security, until he gets a call that launches him down twisted, dark alleys and the minds of equally warped Evil people.Angela Reardon [...]

    15. This was the first time I ve read a book from this author And it may honestly be the last if all her books present the way this one did I seriously hated the time switches past, present, 14 weeks earlier, present I enjoy that as much as I enjoy switching point of views Meh.I ended up figuring out who the bad guy was about halfway in I will say that I didn t necessarily figure out the end until I read it Still kind of perplexed on the books twister Anyways, if you don t mind changing times like y [...]

    16. Thank you NetGalley for the copy of Risky Redemption by Marissa Garner that I read and reviewed.This book was pretty good It was definitely hot and full of romance It had a number of twist that made the book enjoyable I just am not sure a big fan of the format and how it kept jumping from the past to the present To me that gets a bit confusing and takes a bit away from the story But, as I said it is a personal thing.I am giving Risky Redemption three out of five stars.

    17. I typically love Garner s stuff, but I had a hard time following the timeline, which jumps back and forth between the past and present As a result, I just couldn t connect with the characters While the premise is disturbing, it s also interesting and makes for a good tale I appreciate how Angela Reardon fights to move forward with her life after a brutal attack, and I love the idea of assassin Jake Stone falling in love with his mark, but I just couldn t get past the timeline.

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