The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight (2020)

The Secret of Shambhala In Search of the Eleventh Insight Continuing the exciting adventures of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight this new book takes you to the snow covered Himalayas in search of the legendary Tibetan utopia of Shambhala As you
  • Title: The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight
  • Author: James Redfield
  • ISBN: 9780446676489
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight
    Continuing the exciting adventures of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, this new book takes you to the snow covered Himalayas, in search of the legendary Tibetan utopia of Shambhala As you follow a child s instructions, are pursued by hostile Chinese agents, and look for a lost friend, you will experience a new awareness of synchronicityd discover, hiddenContinuing the exciting adventures of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, this new book takes you to the snow covered Himalayas, in search of the legendary Tibetan utopia of Shambhala As you follow a child s instructions, are pursued by hostile Chinese agents, and look for a lost friend, you will experience a new awareness of synchronicityd discover, hidden among the world s highest mountains, the secrets that affect all humanity For Shambhala not only actually exists, but is destined to be found in our time and will reveal powerful truths that can transform the world.
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      James Redfield

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    1. I read this book when I first moved to Sacramento from San Francisco and was going through some major changes in my life The authors intentions are clear throughout the Celestine Prophecy series the world is in your hands, you can make of it what you please, the world is a wonderful place, and life is to short for negative thoughts.

    2. Let me start by saying that I loved The Celestine Prophesy It s one of my favorite books of all time I love how it talks about human relationships and interactions Even though it s all presented in a very spiritual way, I also found it very relatable on a personal level.I didn t understand the second book at all, since it felt so esoteric and there was nothing in it that I could relate to I d put this third book somewhere in the middle In it our hero goes to Tibet, on a quest for the mythical ci [...]

    3. This gets a big 5 stars, not entirely for the the story itself but for the message of how to use ones power to help create a change in this world I have practiced the works described in this book for the better part of 20 years now, what I call my Spitural Work It is rewarding to think that everyone who has held this book in their hands now possesses the knowledge of how to create their thoughts to be the single most important thing in the universe at that moment in time.Everything means somethi [...]

    4. Redfield s books are to spiritual seekers what the romance novel is to single women They re so fun to read, even if they re a little over the top This one is infinitely better than the 10th Insight I love the idea of the prayer field, although I don t care for the terminology, and how we must deal with our negative emotions or else we ll be running into our projections of them all over the real world The idea of paradise presented in this novel is exciting, creative, and inspiring That alone mak [...]

    5. This book was a fairly easy read and pretty enjoyable I did appreciate the insight into the situation with Tibet China as well While I don t buy into the whole one day we ll all be vibrating at the highest level thing I do think he makes some good points and I like the idea of setting positive intentions, being on the lookout for coincidences and sending out positive energy It has been a while since I read The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight but I seem to remember that I really liked Th [...]

    6. Not so interesting for me as The Celestine Prophecy.The book is constantly repeating parts of the first book and it drived me crazy Like he wrote same book twice but this time act is taking place in another country, and I must admit that adventure of traveling was better in first part, too although it s really not bad Also, there are 10 insights in The Celestine Prophecy so book is full of new knowledges, witch are repeated in this book and the eleventh insight is explained about 50 times becaus [...]

    7. This is not meant to be great fiction, Redfield merely tries to divulge his ideas via fiction in order to make them palatable He does a decent job of describing his ideas of Intentionwhich he calls prayer fields The last few chapters drag and most of the story is pretty boring Redfield doesn t challenge his characters in any of his fiction, they just meander along from incident to incident, and because of this they never feel real I always take away a few good thoughts from Redfields books, the [...]

    8. Of the three Celestine Prophesy series, I liked this best because it told of an ideal spiritual society To me, it was a glimpse of spiritual potential, even if this is a fiction book Since reading this book, I ve had a fascination with Tibet, prayer flags, the Himalayas Too bad Redfield won t have a sequel to until early 2011 next year is about time

    9. This book gives a lot of insight into how we as individuals are responsible for our own energy and how it affects others A look at the world s situation now and how it could change into something much greater whe we each learn compassion and look for the highest good in each other.

    10. This is the best one of the series of 3 Very spiritual in a differnt sort of way I don t know if you would call it new age or no, but maybe Really interesting ideas even though of the 3 this on is the most far out for sure.

    11. Synopsis The Secret of Shambhala was written by James Redfield and published in 1999 It is the third book in The Celestine Prophecy series This is a spiritual adventure series The first book was about a man who found out about a manuscript that was discovered that described better ways for humans to live their lives and to realize that there is to life than just the material world Now in the third book this man travels to Tibet in search of a legendary place called Shabhala also known as Shangr [...]

    12. What a wild ride In order to really understand the intended progress of this book you have to start with The Celestine Prophecy, and then the following book, The Tenth Insight overall, it s a six book series, folks The four books tell the story, the fifth book is The Celestine Vision, and the sixth is a workbook This time, our hero finds his way through his friend Wil and synchronicity, to Kathmandu, to go to Tibet his friend Wil, who was in the previous book, is already there Our hero, of cours [...]

    13. Review The Secret of Shambhala by James Redfield 08 08 2017This is the third book of The Celestine Prophecy Trilogy I enjoyed all three books and thought they were all inspiring, thought provoking, and interesting In this third book James Redfield wrote compelling spiritual wisdom, insight, with adventure throughout the book He wrote about the snow covered Himalyan Mountains of Tibet which was interesting and educational The principles he writes about are truly justifiable in many older mystic t [...]

    14. I must admit I immediately succumbed to the flow this book transmits Being someone highly predisposed into believing in energy and the power of pray, the action behind it was something I kind of neglected Rather, I spent most of the time looking into all sorts of information James would write on how the Universe works and how Shambhala is portrayed It was beyond amusing or entertaining, it was enriching, like food to the soul James writing skills are highly precise, describing magnificent landsc [...]

    15. Why I read it My interest in themes of spiritual import has lead me to read the Celestine Prophecy series I am very interested in understanding the design of the universe, and aligning my energies towards achieving the greatest, most attractive and pivotal outcomes that my life is capable of fulfilling This book is an excellent tool for helping to conceptualise an ideal, appropriate, and attractive story of my life.How it is written The novel is an adventure story that follows a man as he leaves [...]

    16. As I finally reached the awwful end of this triligy I have to say that Mr Redfield didn t disappoint This last book felt like wading naked through a swamp in Florida at dusk with nothing to defend myself than a 50 cent flyswatter, and it s handle is bent.Our Hero once again finds himself once again spiritually unfulled He married his reporter friend and lives in a community that I supposed was a community were everyone was in on the insights, because we bearly get through the first chapter when [...]

    17. gw cuma ngerate buku ini 2 5bukan, bukan gara2 buku ini jelek, buku ini bagus kok, tapi terlalu rumit, mungkin otak gw gak nyampe, sialnya buku ini layaknya obat tidur buat gw, baru baca sebentar udah bikin ngantuk dan mengawang2, kadang2 saking sampai ketidurannya, kata2 yg gw berhasil baca kok gak sama ama yg tertulis di bukunyadan hebatnya lagi, baru dibaca beberapa saat, sebentar kemudian gw udah lupa isinya hammer enough curhatnya, garis besar buku ini terjadi di Tibet, berbeda dengan 2 buk [...]

    18. I read the Celestine Prophecy many years ago and loved it Then I read the 10th insight, the follow up to his original book and didn t care for it It was like another person had written it I saw that he has a new book out, the 12th Prophecy, and it seemed to be getting some ok reviews, so I decided to give the 11th Prophecy, otherwise known as The Secret of Shambhala a try written after the 10th Prophecy Not too far into it, but already it s interesting that the last one Each of his books are wr [...]

    19. Very preachy like the previous book Didn t finish it It seemed like the main character, who is always referred to as being very capable and knowledgeable, never really understands what he is learning He ultimately accomplished his goals in every book but seems to start from square one in each new book The companions in his quests spend their time preaching to him with long winded explanations I had difficulty getting into the book The premise is a great idea how we as humans treat each other, an [...]

    20. The thing about James Redfield is that he presents spiritual life lessons in a fiction, action packed drama, so its not the usual boring you must do this if you want this That style has both advantages as well as disadvantages The biggest disadvantage is that synchronicity that we do experience once we enter the spiritual realm and sci fi don t go together it makes us doubt the author and sounds incredulous This book is about the author s search for the mystical place called Shambala in Tibet, w [...]

    21. This book contains some awesome ideas about the power of our minds being much than we think it is that actually extends beyond what most people think they are the body, rather than the True Self, the Mindstream The Buddha said that we create our reality with our thoughts and this book elaborates on that, discussing how we can learn to turn the world towards a higher plane using thoughts focused on positivity Although it is couched in a fictional setting, the ideas are from the mystical traditio [...]

    22. If you ve read the other books of the series, Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, then you know that they re leading to our Evolution as the Spiritual Beings we are In The Secret of Shambhala, we become informed of our Power to Co Create through the Prayer Field that surrounds us That Prayer must be done as Affirmation, not beseeching, in order for the reality of it to Manifest in our Lives As with all the Redfield books thus far they re good Spiritual adventures which are meant to provoke ou [...]

    23. You will learn that at these higher levels of energy, our fields of prayer act very quickly to bring to us exactly what we expect If we fear, it brings to us what we fear If we hate, it brings us of what we hate You see, the energy fields of all of us mix together out there, and the strongest ones prevail That s the unconscious dynamic that characterizes the human world The state of our energy, our prevailing expectations, no matter what they are, go out and influence everyone else s mood and a [...]

    24. When we look out at others and make judgements, thinking that they are fat or thin or underachieved or ugly or poorly dressed, we actually send our energy out at these people and they often begin to think bad thoughts about themselves We are engaging in what can only be called the energy of evil It is the contagion of negative prayer Of course we have to see things the way they are, but after that we must immediately shift our expectations from what is to what could be.Humans can find an inner m [...]

    25. This is a quite interesting book This book deals with synchronicity and energy extension Beauty of Tibet and Himalayan regions has been wonderfully described The most interesting part is the temples in Shambala The American man, Yin and Tashi are wonderful characters Their view of the Outer Worlds from the Shambala is simply wonderful The current state of the Outer worlds and the limitations are revealed However, questions like what made Dakinis to help people are unexplained This is really mys [...]

    26. I really wanted to like this book If you have read either of the first 2 books by this author, this is of the same Same hero , chosen for a spiritual mission against all credibility, fighting the oppressive military regime of whatever country in which this adventure occurs This time it is Tibet As usual, the hero has feet of clay, and continues to fail miserably repeatedly.It is predictable, preachy, badly written and boring And yet, every time I read one of his books, I get something out of it [...]

    27. I liked it a lot Lots of great ideas and thoughts about energy and how we affect our environment and life paths Something that i am curious about.Sad to say though that 15 years later Tibet is not saved as predicted and the world religions seem to have grown further apart and further consumed with hate for one another Materialism has even greater appeal and power.Has the new age energy been hijacked Maybe been tricked by great advertising campaigns and must have products from the likes of Nike, [...]

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