Strangers in Paradise, Volume 2: I Dream of You (2020)

Strangers in Paradise Volume I Dream of You From its comic beginnings in the first book SiP takes a dramatic turn in I Dream Of You Katchoo returns from a mysterious three month trip to Canada to find her trusted friend David and roommate Fran
  • Title: Strangers in Paradise, Volume 2: I Dream of You
  • Author: Terry Moore
  • ISBN: 9781892597014
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strangers in Paradise, Volume 2: I Dream of You
    From its comic beginnings in the first book, SiP takes a dramatic turn in I Dream Of You Katchoo returns from a mysterious three month trip to Canada to find her trusted friend David and roommate Francine angry and demanding answers But Katchoo can t tell Francine the truth that she was once a highly paid call girl working for the wicked and powerful Darcy Parker Now,From its comic beginnings in the first book, SiP takes a dramatic turn in I Dream Of You Katchoo returns from a mysterious three month trip to Canada to find her trusted friend David and roommate Francine angry and demanding answers But Katchoo can t tell Francine the truth that she was once a highly paid call girl working for the wicked and powerful Darcy Parker Now, after two years of hiding within Francine s quiet domestic life, Parker has found Katchoo and threatens to take away the one thing Katchoo holds most dear, the secret love of her life, Francine In this touching story of unrequited love set against the backdrop of organized crime, writer artist Terry Moore delivers an unforgettable love story that has become a graphic novel classic, winning the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.I Dream of You Collects Strangers in Paradise 1994 Abstract 1 8
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    1. Art Poetry Love Deception Life Death All the feels .Strangers In Paradise is perfect Thank you for following along with me on my journey to reaquaint myself with the early issues of this series and finally finish it all the way through to the end Volume 2 covers issues 1 through 9 of series 2.This series is about as raw and real as it gets I would be surprised if you could make it through this without both laughing your ass off and using up all your tissues as you weep uncontrollably Here you wi [...]

    2. Back in the 1990s, Strangers in Paradise served a purpose it functioned as a much needed antidote to all those awful grim n gritty superhero comics that were flooding the market From today s perspective, though, I m afraid the series does not have a whole lot to offer beyond stereotypical characters, predictable plotlines, teenage poetry, and cute pictures Which is not the worst thing in the world, mind you, just well a little boring, I guess In this second volume, Terry Moore tries to give the [...]

    3. YES is possible You CAN get lost in a graphic noveld I did Going about my day, I did not want to put this down Every moment I could, I picked it back up.Volume II delivered The story took off, the characters grew on me and were relatable and likeable, there were many plot twists around and the poetry was lovely I am so in for continuing the adventure Loved it

    4. Do you know what part of the confusion is, part of the confusion is Terry Moore draws really cute girls Like these girls are cuhh yoooot But wtf is this storyline I guess he read a bunch of Frank Miller And was all hubba whaa that s my shit But it s not, Terry Moore, it s not That s part of the confusion.

    5. I don t know why but I do Dream of youlosing youI still dream of youIs it the same way for you Doesn t hi and goodbyesound so cruel How can I take my heartfrom youEven tho I m losing youI still dream of you I don t know why but I do Dream of youlosing youI still dream of you

    6. I m really drawn to these characters, and you learn so much about them here, and their abilities, and the depths of their friendships, which are severely tested.

    7. This is a 3.5 from me.So the first volume was kinda silly in tone despite some serious things happening I was really not expecting the left turn from the beginning of this volume into the serious drama and heavy violence not that there is a LOT of violence in this book, but what is there is rather extreme I didn t think it was a story I wanted to be reading when I started it Katchoo s past just gets dumped on us all at once or so we think there is to be known later in the book And it just feels [...]

    8. thansuperhumans.cThis volume picks up close to a year after the previous volume left off, with Katchoo returning to Houston after a two month stay in Toronto Francine is happy to see her, but Katchoo won t tell Francine why she was in Canada Meanwhile, other aspects of Katchoo s past are catching up to her Detective Walsh, who had a run in with Katchoo in volume 1, suspects her of the assault and attempted murder of an ex cop, and a mob boss by the name of Mrs Parker has arrived in Houston with [...]

    9. I liked the second book of Strangers in Paradise even than the first The first three comics were definitely my favourite, Katchoo having abandoned Francine to go and spend time with her ex girlfriend whose dying of aids There s jealousy and secrets and it s all very sad Then there s a pulp crime story happening at the same time that involves an insane mob boss who Katchoo and Emma stole 850 grand from The pulp angle makes the story seem less real it all seems a bit over the top Unfortunately a [...]

    10. Ahhh I didn t mean to stay up all night finishing this book, but here I am again tomorrow might be rough, but I m night guy right now Seinfeld ref I was beginning to think Moore hates men or something, but I m glad a sense of gender balance has been restored by the end of this story arc Also, I m very much loving Katchoo s complex sexuality it feels quite natural and not like a hey look here are some lesbians like in some modern comics I m all for LGBT everything, but when it interferes and det [...]

    11. Contin a la saga de Katchoo Buena evoluci n visual.La portada lo dice todo El flequillo de Katchoo Una constante visual un leitmotiv que nos arrastra por la historia La evoluci n en la narrativa de Moore es sobresaliente Ya no se restringe a la p gina para dotar de continuidad visual a la historia La exploraci n de las emociones de los h roes es grandiosa y los efectos sonoros y la construcci n de las escenas es genial.Problema que de gui n sigue estando bajo En el V1 iba con mucho hype y me enc [...]

    12. Paste from my review of Volume 1 I ve read most of the series and feel the same review overall applies to everything The series has beautiful black and white line art throughout It s the main reason I ever started it Terry Moore is a masterly graphic artist and a riveting storyteller I suspect I ll read anything he puts out That said, I prefer Rachel Rising horror and Echo science fiction , personally SiP as fans tend to call it is a work focused almost entirely on how people relate to each othe [...]

    13. Another reread for class Actually reading it in the Omnibus form so I m trying to figure out where they begin and end in this format.The series gets a lot better at this point as the characters start to get developed as individuals beyond the initial stereotypes There s still some problematic portrayals that I think Terry Moore gets a lot better on in volume 3, but volume 2 is interesting as a sort of gradually unfolding thriller with fairly solid characters I remember lending it to someone sev [...]

    14. There s on particular storyline in this book that got me the first time I read it and got me this time, too Seriously, like tears rolling down my face got me It s the Emmie bit, for those of you who have read it It s killer OMG.So Yeah Still love the series I m looking forward to getting to the stuff I haven t read yet, but I certainly don t resent re reading what I have already read Moore starts to use some new things in this one text pages, dream sequences that use different comic styles, etc [...]

    15. Volume 2 didn t have the same pull for me as Volume 1 and I think it was a bit over the top.One of the things I liked about Volume 1 was that it was about two normal girls and their daily lives Volume 2 brings in some craziness Emma I was okay with, but the Mrs Parker story line was too absurd for me It definitely could happen to someone, but it seemed out of place with the air of normalcy from Volume 1.It also kind of irked me that none of the characters weight seemed consistent in one panel th [...]

    16. 2012 Reread I got lost in this for a month My very first full reread since the series hit its ending Since I knew where it would start and go and end up It was just as terrible, wonderful, painful, heartbreaking, heart healing, amazing as every other read I never stop knowing my heart belongs to this 2014 Graphic Novel Book Club, Read 3 Duo Set Book One This one was my rec to the group I will never stop loving everything about SIP as long as I can read words and remember it s story I was really [...]

    17. I found the art in this AMAZING It pushed a lot of my buttons where friendship s concerned, and while the pacing of dialogue could ve used some polishing, for me, I really enjoyed it It reminded me a lot of Charles de Lint s writing not for any fantasy element, but for the way the women are written, one of whom s running away from something scary and big, etc There was just a de Lintian dynamic about it.

    18. Shit gets real You can start Strangers In Paradise here without a problem Wild, angry Katchoo loves her best friend, insecure, sweet Francine Francine still isn t over her douchey ex, Freddie Shy, unassuming David is in love with Katchoo Also, mafia ninja prostitutes It s better than it sounds Of its time, but trust me Great BW artwork Served, at the time, as a slice of life meets soap meets crime drama antidote to Dumb Gritty 90s Comics Full Of Nothing But Muscles Tits.

    19. I thought the book was okay but definitely much better than the first volume Thought the first three issues of this volume were the best but felt like it ended very well I felt was if parts near the end of this book were a bit rushed as there were novel bits here and there I would not mind reading but was happy with this ending If this came out as an audiobook, I would get the whole series.

    20. My brother had this on his shelf and I decided it wouldn t hurt to give it a go It really kept me hooked until the very end There were some silly moments, some action, some romance, some sad scenes, but never once through the transitions did I get bored or want to put this down I thought the story was well told and captivating The end really got me shaking, but it wrapped up very nicely Just a great read overall.

    21. I liked this a lot I still don t really understand the sequence of the series That is, whether I m reading them in the order they really came out or what, but it s fun, escapist graphic novel with a female ish twist The writer is a guy But I give him credit for creating some strong, cool female characters.

    22. the characterization was better in this one, but for a book that s touted as being about a great, normal friendship between two women i found the friendship to be lacking they spend most of the book lying to or insulting each other, and katchoo s relationship with david is heavily explored i also found the plotline to be so unbelievable that it pulled me out of the story than once.

    23. Wow, what a dramatic improvement over the first volume The first volume was too over the top and unrealistic This volume had so much heart and believe ability I loved these characters, I felt for these characters It was heartbreaking and endearing and pretty great Wonderful artwork Really nice volume all around, and I really didn t expect it.

    24. Well, that didn t take very long to come up with a comic I really liked It s billed as the comic book to give to someone who doesn t read comics and it did pretty well at fleshing out the characters something I thought was missing in V for Vendetta Will be searching out the rest of this series

    25. Again, I m re reading this series for the umpteenth time This volume really starts the story in earnest Comparatively, the miniseries vol 1 seems like a prelude, and this is the first chapter Terry Moore s art made a big jump forward between volume 1 and 2 Great work done here.

    26. I took a MOOC this summer on Gender and Comics It was amazing and had a lot of reading that I scrambled to keep up with Strangers in Paradise vol.1 was required I kept reading That says everything, right

    27. A co worker lent me the first three Strangers in paradise comics, plus this first collected series I read them in a huge gulp, and have been pestering her for copies ever since Witty, fast paced, emotionally true, and beautifully drawn.

    28. I ve been a fan of this series for a long time, and while this book isn t the greatest in the series, it s a definite solid read and a good volume it s a good continuation of the first volume, and lets the reader see of this world.

    29. Book 2 for my MOOC on Gender Through Comics Imagine Archie Comics in a noir universe The ending is a bit too tidy, but for me, this volume enriched the themes and gender role playing established in the first volume nicely.

    30. Creative story telling, good characters, good art Just goes to show that good storytelling keeps you involved when the fundamentals are well built He sustains a wonderful mix of grit and goof, bit film noir, bit Carole Lombard buddy movie.

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