Mister X: Volumen 1 (2020)

Mister X Volumen Mr X s cache was his ambiguity his mystique his aura of menace he was simply a mask that any member of the audience could put on He was the model anti hero a character out to save the world not out
  • Title: Mister X: Volumen 1
  • Author: Dean Motter
  • ISBN: 9781594971600
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mister X: Volumen 1
    Mr X s cache was his ambiguity, his mystique, his aura of menace he was simply a mask that any member of the audience could put on He was the model anti hero a character out to save the world not out of any heroic motives, but out of a manicial sense of guilt that compelled him to repari the disastrous results of his own well intentioned but reckless machinations.
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      Dean Motter

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    1. This is one of those great series of the 1980s that seems largely forgotten today In its time, I would consider it easily as influential as Swamp Thing, Watchmen, and Dark Knight Returns.The design work on these issues sets them apart.The story is light on details and can be confusing But if you re bothered by that, this really isn t the book for you.The iBooks reprints are OK I haven t had a chance to compare them to earlier collections or my originals Sometimes the reproduction feels like the [...]

    2. Mister X what can one say about this mysterious figure According to some sources he is THE most recognizable graphic expression in the world.Though I found that claim odd as I had no idea, what so ever, who he was until I saw his book on the shelf and decided to read it That being said some might ask, Why I would jump onto an odd looking book like this I might almost answer, that it being so odd were reason enough but, let s be serious here it s all about Dean Motter, a well known album and book [...]

    3. Immensely frustrating The artwork is breathtaking and intricate, but the story never goes anywhere nor makes much sense And while the title character looks cool and seems like he should be interesting based on the initial concept, the comic is marred by the mystery of Who is Mister X I read the trade and have no clue if there is a clear answer There certainly wasn t any climax resolution catharsis.Missed potential.

    4. I d give this collection 5 stars for content and maybe 2 or 3 for presentation There are a few pages missing or out of order, and the reproduction is pretty muddy You d be better off buying the recent Dark Horse version.I bought this comic semi regularly when it was first published, back in the eighties It s definitely a flawed book, for a lot of reasons, but it was always fun to read, and broke some new ground in terms of graphic design in comics It s always been a sentimental favorite of mine [...]

    5. This collection is all 14 issues of Mister X, plus assorted vignettes The premise Mr X was part of a group that designed Radiant City on principles of psychogeometry but something went wrong with the design, people are afraid to go to sleep, and Mister X is back, to restore the city s shape At least, in theory, that s the premise In actuality, what we mostly get is a bunch of stories revolving around Mr X s encounters with the high and mighty of Radiant City, and a twisted knot of identities as [...]

    6. I had never heard of this, even though it s than 20 years old, and I like many of the people involved with it Huh Quite enjoyable, but a bit frustrating that it keeps adding complications and no resolutions.

    7. ambiguously fun i didn t actually read it in spanish, but i couldn t find the english edition on this here thing.

    8. I don t read many graphic novels, but I heard about this one from Junot Diaz It did not disappoint Just wish my library had volumes of the definitive collection.

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