Timeless (2020)

Timeless Six years Two People One love After the long awaited wedding of her dreams Scarlett Templeton along with her rockstar husband and their five year old twins are finally putting down roots and settli
  • Title: Timeless
  • Author: Erin Noelle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Timeless
    Six years Two People One love.After the long awaited wedding of her dreams, Scarlett Templeton, along with her rockstar husband and their five year old twins, are finally putting down roots and settling into their first suburban home While unpacking, they stumble across a box filled with photos spanning the previous six years, and they re catapulted down the proverbialSix years Two People One love.After the long awaited wedding of her dreams, Scarlett Templeton, along with her rockstar husband and their five year old twins, are finally putting down roots and settling into their first suburban home While unpacking, they stumble across a box filled with photos spanning the previous six years, and they re catapulted down the proverbial memory lane.Join the couple on their reminiscent journey as they learn a picture is truly worth a thousand words and the emotions they elicit are timeless.
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    1. OH MASON MASON MASONYou never disappoint I ve loved your Rat self from the moment I laid eyes on you Mason has been one of my Book Boyfriends since Jan of 2013, so anytime I can get of him I m dropping everything COME TO MOMMA This story takes you from present day and flashes back over the 5 year span from where Euphoria last chapter and the epilogue.So, obviously by now we have all read the book boyfriend series Yes Erin did a number on all our hearts with Euphoria and while some may have hate [...]

    2. In memory of Metamorphosis, the first book of the Book Boyfriend series that I love obsessively since the day I read it, I am still marking the last series with 5 stars Team Ash forever

    3. Overall rating 4 stars Plot 8 10Ending 8 10 the whole thing was just the ending Euphoria neededWriting 7 10Hero 9 10Heroine 8 10Humour 6 10Steaminess 7 10HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

    4. 5 starsDo not read any further if you haven t read the series So I m happy dancing right now as for once in a love triangle my team gets the girl So yey me Having said that I was heartbroken by how it all came around.Through the series Scarlet hit on my nerves with her indecision but hell she was 18 no one has it all worked out at that age I loved Mason from the minute he was introduced and was rooting for him from the get go Even through his hard times he was the truest soul in the book.I bough [...]

    5. Love it Love it Fantastic follow up to the last book Euphoria I absolutely love this series Even though I was Team Ashe, the books really couldn t have ended any better This short story was perfect for filling in some gaps between the last chapter and epilogue I love Scarlett and Mase If you have read the series, then you will love this short story It helps with closure This series gave me a book hangover and caused some ugly crying, but this short story smoothed and gave me closure to the serie [...]

    6. What a perfect end 2 a great series i ve really enjoyed luv d it the characters even thought Scarlett did piss me off on parts but the story was great luv how everything turned an I m delighted I read it with my lil babi xxx

    7. 5 stars Absolutely breathtaking, exciting, and never a dull moment LOVED IT Just perfect I just adored this book And I m so in love with this series Erin Noelle made me tear up again Even though it wasn t that emotional, I just loved how we got a sneak peek into the missing years of Mason and Scarlett s life together.My only complaint was that it ended at around 75% And of course this is just me wanting of the wonderful amazing series that captivated all of our hearts and made us weep i highly [...]

    8. Timeless begins five years later after Mason and Scarlett s wedding where they re setting up house with their twins While unpacking, Scarlett comes across old pictures and she takes us back to significant points in their relationship after Ash.It was okay I think the scene at the book signing was supposed to be cute but I thought the author name dropping was cheesy and a bit pretentious to tell the truth.After that rushed ending in Euphoria, I do feel like the story is a little complete after r [...]

    9. Another 5 star book for Erin Noelle AMAZING job showing us exactly how life panned out for Mason and Scarlett I m not going to lie, and i might be a little biased, but it s EXCELLENT how she went into labor with the twins I can t imagine a better birthing story than being surrounded by some kick ass people Even though I m AlwaysAButterfly I have some love here for Mason Rat might be inching up in my book

    10. Loved it Great wrap for an awesome series and the funniest shh ever when Scarlett is at the book signing and then the hospital with Tara Sivec, Ashley Suzanne and Madeline Sheehan I cried I laughed so hard This entire series is one that will stay with me forever but I especially appreciated the look back and touch on things that were left unanswered in Euphoria it helped wrap up everything nicely for everyone.

    11. 3.75 HEARTS This was a great novella The reminiscing was so nice and they threw in a few nice new scenes that didn t disappoint Team Mason Enjoyed every moment of this book.

    12. I was totally devastated to have to leave Scarlett and Mason behind at the end of Euphoria, what I thought to be the last book in the Book Boyfriend series, by Erin Noelle Euphoria captured my heart and firmly cemented the series in place as one of my all time favorites Finding out about the addition of Timeless was an unexpected treat When I heard the news of its release I was actually bouncing in my seat with pure uncontainable glee Timeless was everything I hoped for and Where Euphoria was t [...]

    13. Debbie s Review I absolutely loved this series and this book was a perfect ending to one fantastic series I loved how the author started this book six years ahead but thru pictures Scarlett stumbles upon you are taken back in time This book gives us all the missing years between Mason and Scarlett and their journey to where they are now I started this book and literally could not put it down until I was finished I loved the whole series but this one was just fantastic Some parts were heart break [...]

    14. WOOOOHOOOOOOOThis was a super HOT , emotional and fulfilling little novella that helps fill in some of the time we may wonder about , but also gives us a taste of the now for Mason and Scarlett.Let s just say their now is just as freakin hot as their then I cannot get enough of them I love that they had their happy ending and now have a beautiful home and family to cherish Having said that it is also extremely sad that Ash and Evie are not their to celebrate with them I loved learning about her [...]

    15. TIMELESS by Erin Noelle I was gifted a copy in exchange for a honest reviewIf you are a fan of Erin Noelle s Book Boyfriend Series, you will love TIMELESS This is not a standalone novella but just a little wrap up I loved it and I admit that I love Erin Noelle I just think she is adorable TIMELESS is well written with a HILARIOUS scene that included some beloved authors Knowing the authors in turn made it even funnier for me because all that was missing was one author screaming SMELL MY NUTS You [...]

    16. am a HUGE Book Boyfriend Series fan and an even BIGGER Erin Noelle fan So when I realized that I had Timeless sitting on my Kindle and I had not read it yet I wanted to kick myself It was the perfect little afternoon pick me up Being an novella it is short and quick but it was perfection Devouring it in one sitting I realized just how much I missed these characters Catching up with Mason and Scarlett after 6 years and reliving some of the things that happened in that time was the perfect bonus t [...]

    17. I absolutely love the Book Boyfriend series by Erin Noelle, so when I heard Timeless was going to be released I was over the moon I m not gonna lie, I had mixed emotions after Euphoria Don t get me wrong, I loved it But I didn t feel closure and at peace with the story I freakin love Mason but Ash had a big piece of my heart I needed Timeless to put back the pieces of my broken heart and remind me why everything really did turn out as it should.Erin Noelle did not disappoint Timeless was the per [...]

    18. Words can t express how much I loved this series When I heard that there was a follow up to Scarlett and Mace s story I immediately bought the book It is a very short but sweet look back on the last 5 years of their lives, touring with the band, having twins, getting married and now buying a house and settling down The Book Boyfriend series is one I will always cherish and Mace will always be one of my favorite pantie melting, smokin hot, protective, sultry, heart stopping, slamming hot, delecta [...]

    19. I can NEVER get enough Mason I am a HUGE lover of the Book Boyfriend series and love, love, loved the epi in Euphoria So when I heard there was going to be a novella to give us a peek at what happened during the 6 years that had passed between the end of the book and the epi, I couldn t wait to read it As usual, Erin does not disappoint with her ability to tell a story and make us fall in love with her characters I fell even in love with Mason which I did not think was humanly possible and I en [...]

    20. OMGRE MASONYES PLEASE 3 3 3 Mason and Scarlett are back in a novella by Erin Noelle I absolutely loved the Book Boyfriend Series from the beginning, and this novella, was absolute perfection Mason and Scarlett have decided to settle down with their children, and leave the rock and roll lifestyle TIMELESS, takes you thru the last 5 years of their lives, thru pictures and memories You will laugh, you will cry, and as always.YOU WILL SWOON I LOVED this book If you re a Book Boyfriend fan, this is a [...]

    21. I absolutely loved Timeless It was the perfect end to the series that was necessary for the readers and definitely myself to receive closure to the way Euphoria ended I no longer feel hesitant with how the story unfolded because it was so sweet and adorable and I think Mason and Scarlett ending up together definitely felt right I loved the way Scarlett and Mason retold their memories through all the photos I m so happy I read this series because it really was a gripping, heart wrenching but amaz [...]

    22. I really feel this installment was written to appease all those out there going You can t just end it there, we need This is written 6 years after Mason Scarlett are finally reunited It takes place in flashbacks as they look at photos It s short, sweet, and the HEA fluffy to a crazy, dramatic series People who love the series will love this sweet little ending Finally happiness

    23. Perfect ending What a beautiful way to end one of the most frustrating, crazy, unbelievably amazing series I have read I loved it I loved that it made me feel all kinds of emotions I loved that I couldn t put it down The writing pulls you in to the story and doesn t let go I love these characters and I am so glad that I read this series It will always be one of my favorites So much than I thought it was going to be It gave me.love, love, love, love, crazy love but a good crazy

    24. Five stars I loved this book so much, just before i started reading it i went back to the ending in euphoria to remember how i felt and it all came back, ash dying, the sadness, but at the same time the love for mason, he was always my guy I have to say i loved this series, i cant remember a book that made me cry as much as this series did, when Evy died i lost it, it was just so sad, and i found myself in her shoes because they where so like myself with my best friend.Thank you for creating thi [...]

    25. Let me first say I have always been Team Mason So this book was just the icing on the cake for me Scarlett and Mason are back in this sweet, heart warming novella Mason had me swooning scene after scene, and continued to steal my heart to the end It was the perfect closure to the series, and Im so glad I was able to read into their adventures together, especially the delivery of the twins I love how Erin went about coming back to these memories as well, clever way to add this Novella in that wa [...]

    26. Have I ever told you guys how much I love Mason no well I do haha he is so freaking awesome And Scarlett I just adore her now after everything she had gone through and she turned out to be wonderful I mean yes a good crazy lol but ahhhhh so glad we got this book It gave us so much into there journey they went through And showed us all the maturity Scarlett had and not being selfish at all And Mason I will forever be a Team Angel love this Erin you are awesome and made me laugh my ass off at the [...]

    27. Well And in part 3.5 you have to start liking Scarlett I m glad I took a night to calm down after part 3 Cause then I pretend to read about a new Scarlett, a new Mase which was totally in love with her all the time, a tragic lost of two people and a beautiful sign with the butterflies at the wedding the picture of the wedding at her birthday at Empty s Which I must say, this final part let my eyes fill with tears

    28. I loved this novella by Erin Noelle In such a quick read, she made me laugh, swoon, and even tear up Her flashback scenes gave such insight as to what Scarlett and Mason have been doing since we last read about them Memories are timeless treasures of the heart Thank you Erin for giving us memories of these wonderful characters to cherish Just for the opportunity to read the going into labor scene, I would recommend this book to any reader who goes to book signings OMG hilarious I give Timeless [...]

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