The Bone Queen (2020)

The Bone Queen Perfect for readers of Tolkien and Garth Nix The Bone Queen is the highly anticipated prequel to the original Pellinor sequence and will delight fans of critically acclaimed author Alison Croggon a
  • Title: The Bone Queen
  • Author: Alison Croggon
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  • Page: 472
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  • The Bone Queen
    Perfect for readers of Tolkien and Garth Nix, The Bone Queen is the highly anticipated prequel to the original Pellinor sequence, and will delight fans of critically acclaimed author Alison Croggon, as well as newcomers to the world of Pellinor Cadvan of Lirigon, one of the most powerful Bards of his time, has been exiled from the School of Lirigon for a grievous crime thPerfect for readers of Tolkien and Garth Nix, The Bone Queen is the highly anticipated prequel to the original Pellinor sequence, and will delight fans of critically acclaimed author Alison Croggon, as well as newcomers to the world of Pellinor Cadvan of Lirigon, one of the most powerful Bards of his time, has been exiled from the School of Lirigon for a grievous crime that unleashed the power of the Bone Queen Isolated and guilt ridden, he is burdened by memories of his dealings with the Dark Meanwhile, across Edil Amarandh, a number of disturbing events suggest that the Bone Queen may not have been successfully banished, as was previously believed The Light is under threat, but does Cadvan have the strength to face the Bone Queen again
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    1. Note to self research books before you read them so you don t end up reading a PREQUEL FOR A SERIES YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT drastic sobbing So I didn t like this book at all and was 89% confused the entire time But was this because it was a prequel I felt very dumped into the story So maybe if I d started with book 1 instead, that wouldn t have been the case So avid fans of this series JUST IGNORE MY REVIEW MOVE ALONG NOW, CHEERIO.But to be very honest, I don t like this style anyway The cover sa [...]

    2. I should have looked into this book a bit before just reading it after I received a copy from the publisher I didn t realize it was a prequel to a series I have not read, whoops.I had high hopes for this book as it sounded like an interesting high fantasy book But I really just wasn t that interested in the story or the characters Perhaps this is because, as I stated, I didn t realize it was a prequel to a series that I needed to read before reading this book I just didn t find myself becoming [...]

    3. Croggon is the best current High Fantasy author and deserves recognition for her work The Pellinor series is often compared to Tolkein, and although it s clear that his writings have influenced her style and worldbuilding, allegations or plagiarism the series has attracted are unfair and unfounded The quest narrative has been existence since people started telling stories, and it s common knowledge that Tolkein himself drew on mythologies and social structures of Ancient Norse and Medieval Euro [...]

    4. The original four books of Pellinor are among my favourite works of fiction and so it was with some trepidation that I approached this new story, set approximately 50 years before the events of the gift I am glad to be able to say that I was not disappointed, Croggon s writing is as breathtakingly beautiful and engaging as ever, her characters as wonderfuly developed and explored I especially loved being introduced properly to Milana, Dorn and Pellinor itself these moments were particularly poig [...]

    5. It s been years since I first read the Pellinor series, so I had forgotten what Alison Croggon s writing style was like I ll admit that it took me a while to get used to it, and I very nearly thought it wouldn t click But it certainly worked out, and I found this prequel quite interesting.

    6. Cadvan is the messiest emo, and I love him I had a ton of fun with this book It s probably my favorite Pellinor book, because I m trash for Cadvan and also it not being set smack dab in the middle of the worst disaster to befall Edil Amaranh since the Great Silence made it I won t say cheerful, but less grindingly sad It also didn t seem to take as much work to get through as certain other Pellinor books cough The Riddle cough that I could mention I m very glad The Bone Queen doesn t actually t [...]

    7. I loved accidentally stumbling upon this arc I had no idea there would be a new Pellinor book This is a rich backstory to Cadvan s earlier years While there aren t any romantic relationships, there are a number of incredibly well written friendships and other kinds of relationships which I found wholly satisfying and genuine It was fun to jump back into this world I m always a sucker for Aussie fantasy books.

    8. Every sentence had the same cadence, so I couldn t force myself through this one, even though I really wanted to love it.

    9. Not as good as the original quartet but it did have its moments In this prequel to The Books of Pellinor series, readers follow Cadvan as he tries to rid the world of the evil he summoned The Bone Queen is unleashed and with every passing day, she grows stronger, capable of villainy the world has not seen before Faced with a perilous journey, Nelac and Dernhil join Cadvan to defeat the Dark and restore peace to the land The Bone Queen by Alison Croggon is sure to have your stomach in knots by th [...]

    10. I loved being able to revisit this world I have read the Books of Pellinor series at least 4 times already and I can not get enough of the world these characters are in I first read them when I was in 9th grade and I fell in love with them Reading the first 4 books I had always wondered what it was that Cadvan had actually done and being able to have Dernhil in the story too was wonderful, as well as all the other familiar characters My only regret is that the cover of The Bone Queen will not ma [...]

    11. I am so happy I was in the UK to get this book pre ordered sooner than in the states I really love the other four books in this series and it was a great joy to see characters I love at a younger age I want to reread all the books now Besides the world she has created, I love how beautiful many of Alison s sentences are I love how much she values poetry, music, and beauty in her world.

    12. tbh i would probably have dnfed this if cadvan hadnt been one of those character types i am Weak for and if i hadnt loved him from the start and if he and dernhil hadnt interacted as they did basically cadvan carried this book for me there wasnt all that much action in this, and when there was, it seemed a bit not thought through, and there was So Much Description i almost died.

    13. I FINALLY HAVE THIS IN MY HANDS I AM SO HAPPY I forgot most of the plot of the series though it has been 7 years si NC e I last read anythin pertaining to this series _ SINCE WHEN DID THIS HAVE A COVER and it s already release overseas Book depository here I come

    14. Rating 3.5 starsBefore I get into my review for The Bone Queen, I would first like to state that I have not read any of the Pellinor Series before this, or any other books by Alison Croggon for that matter I went into reading this book with a blank slate, other than perhaps the constant comparison between Croggon and Tolkien that I kept coming across for some reason I would also like to say that I love high fantasy, and have devoured a number of epic fantasy novels throughout my teen and adult y [...]

    15. Alison is a fantastic writer to begin with, she has been a huge inspiration to me and I didn t realize until many years after writing my own novels how much of my world was a glimmered reflection of her Pellinor series They are my favorite fantasy series Her descriptions are so rich in detail you feel like you are seeing her world with your own eyes I was very excited to read a prequel to the series I had loved so much and when I found out that it was Cadvan s story, I was even intrigued I felt [...]

    16. I fell in love with Alison Croggon s Books of Pellinor several years ago To me, they were epic fantasy at its very best The lyrical writing, imaginative worldbuilding, engrossing storyline, emotional poignancy, and the depth of the characters and their relationships quickly marked the series as a favorite I was thrilled to learn that my favorite character, Cadvan, would be the focus of a new prequel And, indeed, it was a fascinating look into his past that also proved to be a powerful story of r [...]

    17. Review originally posted Reading Lark readinglark 2017 Cadvan, a disgraced Bard living in exile, now cobbles shoes in a small mining town Haunted by one tragically malevolent act and continually tormented with the consequences of what he has done, Cadvan must reunite with those he hurt the most and face the evil forces that he let into the world While The Bone Queen is a pretty typical fantasy story with mage like Bards facing down an evil sorceress, the author s characters and use of language t [...]

    18. On balance, I enjoyed this sojourn into Cadvan s past, and the opportunity to spend time with some of the secondary characters present in the Pellinor series Dernhil and Nelac in particular I m so pleased that Croggon chose to write another story in this fascinating world As I was reading, I found myself wondering if it would be better to read the full quartet of Pellinor books before reading The Bone Queen, or if a new reader would be better served starting with The Bone Queen before moving on [...]

    19. I remember enjoying The Books of Pellinor I read them back to back and was excited to read this prequel However, I had trouble getting into it, and was kind of bored throughout I don t think I would have finished it if it were not an ARC for the ARC program I do for work I almost gave up 200 pages in If I had, I don t think it would have changed my review much I have been working a lot and am a bit burned out, so I have been craving lighter reads lately, so this may have had an impact on my read [...]

    20. This book wasn t as effortlessly likeable as the other books of Pellinor, Its a story about forgiveness and loss and redemption While those are very much themes in the original quartet, it can be kind of a hard thing to be in Cadvan s head at the start when those themes are front and center Happily, we do get other perspectives, and the chance to get to know such beloved characters as Milana of Pellinor, Dernhil of Gent, and Nelac is worth alot of dealing with what Cadvan did and how it touched [...]

    21. Since a few years have passed between the publishing of Croggon s trilogy and this prequel, readers will want to reacquaint themselves with Lirigon, Pellinor, and the rest of Croggon s well drawn, detailed fantasy lands This story takes place about fifty years earlier Cadvan is a young, handsome Bard in exile for his leading role in a terrible magical breach that allowed the Bone Queen, Kansabur, entry into the world Now shadowy terror hints at the Dark s coming Cadvan and two other powerful Bar [...]

    22. Don t take my review too seriously since I only got to page 80.Maybe one day I will finish it but reading about Cadvan was such a bore The whole world of the book was boring and depressing I kept picturing it in shades of beige There was a lot of telling about how great Cadvan is and about how much everyone liked him but he was such a sad sack view spoiler I didn t even want his exiled to be revoked, it was literally all his fault hide spoiler I didn t read any of the Pellinor series before I re [...]

    23. It was so wonderful to go back into the world of the Pellinor series I loved getting to see of Dernhil and Milana and a younger Cadvan However, it didn t have as much of the natural flow and feeling as the other books in the series do and Nelac, Cadvan, and other characters did not quite feel like the same people as they are later even accepting for some change caused by the many years that pass between the end of this book and the beginning of The Naming However, I did truly love this book and [...]

    24. Very disappointed I absolutely loved the 4 books of Pellinor The Gift, The Riddle, The Singing and The Crow and so did my friend with whom i share a love of good fantasy These books are all on my favorite shelf for ever.Butbut so sad to find that the Bone Queen was nothing like the previous ones Almost as though some other person had written them, and we were so looking forward to this We didn t even finish it and that is really almost unheard of for us, avid readers that we are.But everyone has [...]

    25. The Bone Queen is a prequel to Alison Croggon s Pellinor series, one that I have not read yet Reading this story, I felt bogged down, like I was trudging through waist high mud with every sentence I read It felt like an epic fantasy, and although I read epics, this one wasn t my style I liked the story, as much of it as I could understand and the characters were well written This wasn t my cup of tea, but Croggon has a large fan base who will love this book.Received an advance reader copy in exc [...]

    26. DNF about 150 ish pages in Maybe it s because I haven t read the sequels, but I was so confused most of the time There was a whole lot of info dump going on, and so, so much disinterested omniscient narrator going on The voice it was written in sounded bored, and so the reader gets bored There are so many blocks with just prose describing things that really don t need such descriptions The dialogue was super stiff and none of the characters really felt at all real.Essentially, it s the Hobbit, b [...]

    27. I hope that Croggon is not one of those authors who detests being pigeon holed by one of their seminal works It was just so great to be back in Pellinor I also loved Cadavan before, and thus I was super excited to journey with him again It could be my poor memory of the other works, but I would have enjoyed some additional connection to the other books of Pellinor Suffice it to say, if she chooses to compose and future works within this realm, I will purchase them with all due haste for immediat [...]

    28. I didn t read the first book, and I was a little off put by the forward and pronunciation guide, but once I started the first chapter I was hooked An exiled mage or bard finds refuge in a remote mining town Except the evils that he accidentally released are gathering forces and he is forced back into action Fast paced, conflicts of dark and light, magic and worlds within worlds, this book is awesome.

    29. I fell in love with The Books of Pellinor years ago and they quickly became one of my all time favorites I was so excited to finally get my hands on The Bone Queen but I think I had my expectations too high It was a good book but I feel it went way too fast Not that I read it too fast but that the events in the books just kept going by and by If you are a fan of Pellinor I recommend reading this book if only get get some insight on Cadvan.

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