The Piano Lesson Publisher: Plume (2020)

The Piano Lesson Publisher Plume Shows some signs of wear and may have some markings on the inside % Money Back Guarantee
  • Title: The Piano Lesson Publisher: Plume
  • Author: August Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Piano Lesson Publisher: Plume
    Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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      August Wilson

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    1. During the 1930s, African Americans began the great migration north as they sought to fulfill the American dream Part of August Wilson s Century cycle of plays, The Piano Lesson introduces the Charles family of Pittsburgh as they struggle to get ahead during the Depression A winner of both the Pulitzer Prize for drama and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, The Piano Lesson focuses on a family at a crossroads, as they grapple whether to move forward with the American dream or to return to t [...]

    2. A shocking and somber play with much deeper themes than initially meets the eye, a beloved family heirloom becomes a metaphor for injustice in this incredible story.

    3. Because what follows is too long and not really a review which is particularly terrible given that I m reviewing a playwright whose brilliant brevity would make Hemingway envious , I ll start with this which I do not say lightly The Piano Lesson should be on everyone s personal required reading list.The Piano Lesson was my first foray into Wilson, and the only one I ve been lucky enough to see performed twice, both brilliantly, once in Washington DC and once at Yale Rep Wilson is a master of wri [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsA short and sweet play about a family feud over a family piano My brother recommended this book to me My brother is really interested in chemistry, and doesn t like to read so when he recommends something, I check it out The characters are well developed, and their motivations and desires are well presented and played out The introductions were interesting, and the story progressed at a solid pace as the tension slowly increased By the climax, the passive aggressive behavior of the char [...]

    5. Another Wilson play that was just okay I wanted to learn about the piano, but the characters never really get around to explains what exactly is so important and symbolic about the piano that it must be kept within the family I feel like this would be an amazing play to see onstage since the final scene has so much action and the characters have so much dialogue between themselves that causes for the reader to need to actually see it acted out instead of just reading it in a book.I will say tho [...]

    6. Do we give up on artifacts tied to our history as an investment for the betterment of our future or do we use them as an inspiration to build a better future for ourselves The piano becomes focal point that drives the conversation between siblings about civil war, slavery, family history and remembering injustices of the past.

    7. Incredibly simplistic but full of meanings, symbolism, and interesting explorations of double consciousness Wilson clearly seemed to be very good at what he did Would love to try of his plays in the future.

    8. The Piano Lesson is about two siblings fighting over an antique piano that has been with their family ever since it d been made I wasn t supposed toknowthat this play existed, but it turned out I was supposed to read it over the summer I ve read a lot of books that make no sense or left me thinking,WHAT THE FUDGE or were simply pointless, but this play was just POINTLESS ABig Foot DOES Existkind of pointless because hedoesn texist, if you get what I mean Yes, the story was focused on the point, [...]

    9. This was a great play I am not sure, but this might not be one of August Wilson s best, but it still resonated well with the times of the 1930 s.Interesting enough, this particular copy I m not sure if it s different in other editions had quite a lot of mistakes, from misspelling of one name to fudging up when or where a character exited to.The play left me thinking about philosophy and how there is always two halves to one story Maybe that s the point of the piano lesson it s always said that t [...]

    10. My second August Wilson play book and ILoved it To this hometown Pittsburgh girl his plays read just like pure dialogue between people that I may know or have heard I enjoyed it immensely and have not a negative speck of a word to say against it I look forward to reading the rest of his play collection and hope to see one live on stage soon Winner

    11. I m a Pittsburgher, but even if I weren t, I would declare August Wilson a national treasure His cycle of plays covers different decades in the African American experience in Pittsburgh The Piano Lesson is set in the 1930s, when many blacks knew people who either had been born into slavery or who could remember slave members of the family, and that forms one of the elements in this gripping saga.At the heart of the play is a richly carved piano that becomes the subject of a family dispute It sit [...]

    12. This is one of those family dramas that engaged my mind and my spirit from word one I can t even imagine the bliss I would experience if I actually saw this play staged.Reading The Piano Lesson was a joyful experience for me because the characters were so immediately engaging Wilson has a way of introducing his characters that feels to me quick and familiar BUT also compelling and mysterious I found myself leaning into the book to learn about the characters as the drama unfurled I never feel te [...]

    13. An old piano is as much a character in this play as any of the characters who speak lines, chase dreams, or resist ghosts in this starkly beautiful drama Like all but one of the other tens plays in August Wilson s Century Cycle, The Piano Lesson is set in Pittsburgh The time is the late 1930s, making it the fourth chronologically in the cycle fifth in order of composition I ve been reading them in chronological order and this one is the most compelling and enjoyable to date in a stiff competitio [...]

    14. This is a 3.7 starred rating I continue my backward trajectory through August Wilson s Century Cycle with The Piano Lesson If I had to based what I thought this play would be about solely on its title, I probably would have said this would be the most innocuous of his Cycle thus far I would be wrong way off the map and with good reason too.The Piano Lesson takes place in 1936 On its surface, it s about a brother sister conflict Little brother Boy Willie wants to sell of the family piano so he ca [...]

    15. I ve said this before with plays and I will say it again they must be watched There is a film version of The Piano Lesson with Charles Dutton that is really remarkable I m not sure if they still perform this, but it will be the first play I mark down to see if it is.Speaking of the play and a lot of this comes off far better in the theatrical version , the characters are amazing The history of the characters and how it has defined them, their loves and their hates, their flaws and their talents, [...]

    16. Have I talked about how natural the dialogue is in these plays I know Wilson wrote a lot in bars, listening to the talk all around him, but this is a skill far exceeding just the ability to pull from reality I love how Boy Willie clearly talks first and thinks later, just easily slipping stretches of the truth here and there to always bolster his point Even for things that don t even matter We ve all known people like that who will just casually drop, Lymon got tired or something like that in fr [...]

    17. I have seen this play performed and it was very powerful I wanted to read the play and experience it again and found it just as compelling as the performance The play revolves around a piano owned by a brother and sister that contains carvings depicting their family history It becomes a point of serious contention as the sister wants to keep it and the brother wants to sell it The real lesson of the piano is the conflict between preserving the history of an African American family that all too o [...]

    18. Conflict between a Pittsburgh woman, Bernice, and her brother from Mississippi over ownership of a piano that has been in the family since slave time By all means, read it, but if you have a chance to see it produced do not miss it Critics may say Wilson s Fences is better, but I find this one hard to top Wilson s unique mix of African American and universal themes is really unmatched And his Century Cycle completed before his death in which he has written a play set in each decade in the 20th c [...]

    19. The central conflict of the play swirls around an old piano, an heirloom instrument with carved figures on the front and sides, and whether it should be sold to buy the land in Mississippi its owners forebears once worked as slaves.The history of the piano is steeped in violence thieving and killing, thieving and killing, and it is the legacy of all that bloodshed that makes the piano so valuable, either as a treasured keepsake or as an item for sale.

    20. This was the first play I ve read by Wilson, and I was struck by the depth of his characters and the power of his dialogue His careful attention to the details and nuances of human speech and behavior made the conversations and the characters come alive on the page Occasionally funny, often sad, this drama takes on a seemingly simple conflict that escalates into something much for the brother and sister on either side of the argument.

    21. Wilson s dialog is superb The conflict is all too real The prose is strong, realistic with some poetic smatterings scattered about Vibrant, with an emotional pull causing the narrative and ensemble to come alive The building tension creates a suspenseful and plausible ambiance.The ending adds fuel to the fire, as the climatic finale binds the entire narrative.

    22. I am reading this again to prepare to teach it over the summer I always think I ve got this play down, but another read brings me a fresh perspective It is a great character study, depicting with clarity the struggle between past and present, memory and fulfillment of promise.

    23. Well, I find it extraordinarily odd that I don t have a review in my collection here, considering I taught this play for 3 years in my adjunct faculty jaunt in Walla Walla, but goes a new reading from yesterday Back cover a decent summary blurb August Wilson has already given the American theater such spellbinding plays about the black experience in 20th century America as MA RAINEY S BLACK BOTTOM, JOE TURNER S COME AND GONE, and the Pulitzer Prize winning FENCES In his second Pulitzer Prize win [...]

    24. August Wilson is having his moment Sadly, it s come some ten plus years after his passing But when you have Toni Morrison writing the forward for your work s , well, a person stands up and takes notice.The Piano Lesson falls in the 1930 s as part of August Wilson s larger Pittsburgh Cycle or Century Cycle Fences 1950 s has garnered competitive film award attention I recently attended a performance of Jitney 1970 s.What I marveled at while reading was the manner in which the material stands both [...]

    25. In this piece, August Wilson does an amazing job at using the piano as symbolism for family legacy and unity which brings this inadament object to life Wilson uses the piano s presence as the vital piece to illustrate the central conflict but also uses it as the unifying element between the Boy Willie and Berniece, the main characters The play dives deep into the wounds of African Americans at the hands of Whites in the 1930s during the Depression The ghosts of Yellow Dog and Sutter, who both ha [...]

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