A Divine Life (2020)

A Divine Life Contains explicit sexual content including multiple partners and gender pairings and mature situations which could be trigger inducing for some readers Over the past year of being Jayden Masterson s c
  • Title: A Divine Life
  • Author: R.E. Hargrave
  • ISBN: 9781492704148
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Divine Life
    Contains explicit sexual content including multiple partners and gender pairings and mature situations which could be trigger inducing for some readers Over the past year of being Jayden Masterson s collared submissive, Catherine O Chancey has worked through the mental terrors left behind by her old Dom or at least she thinks she has To celebrate their collaring Contains explicit sexual content including multiple partners and gender pairings and mature situations which could be trigger inducing for some readers Over the past year of being Jayden Masterson s collared submissive, Catherine O Chancey has worked through the mental terrors left behind by her old Dom or at least she thinks she has To celebrate their collaring anniversary, Jayden organizes a special day, during which her final fantasies will be realized and her limits tested Will it prove to be than she can handle Can she endure the erotic onslaught her mind and body will experience and survive unscathed While Catherine faces these dark shadows and pleasurable highs, Jayden will find his own inner strength being tested, too He has come to realize that, somewhere along the way, Catherine has taken possession of his heart, mind, and body Now, he faces his biggest challenge ever he must let go of all his submissives but one his jewel, Catherine Can he leave his philandering ways behind Has he made the ultimate mistake by putting his jewel into the hands of others Will his gift to Catherine wind up costing him the one thing that has ever meant something real to him Jayden has helped Catherine heal from past wrongs and chase away the nightmares In return, Catherine has shown him what it means to care for someone beyond mere sexual gratification Their strengthening bond as Master and submissive has paved the way for deeper emotions if they can find the courage to open up to each other.Join Catherine and Jayden for an emotion packed weekend that could forever change the future of their relationship This could be their best chance at love, but first both Dom and sub must gain control over the one thing they can t put in a collar their deepest doubts and fears For this kind of healing, the necessary treatment must be mutually given Is it too late to erase some old scars
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    1. So Rachel s last book had me hanging on a thread until her new release and let me say that the end of the last book left me like thisbut its release day so now I m like thisd without a doubt this new book has me like this.d then thisd thisbut there was a moment when I swore I made this exact expression and the new ending left me with a sense of satisfaction in an amazing book Congratulations on such a stunning new book

    2. The first book To Serve is Divine took us on a journey from when they first meet and here in book two we are right back with Jayden Catherine as they celebrate their 1 year collaring anniversary.This is a true reflection of a BDSM relationship as opposed to the Dom meets virginal girl and scares the living bejeebus out of her Catherine has had previous BDSM relationships although they have not necessarily been healthy and she has the mental physical scars from her past to prove it, but she is ac [...]

    3. HOT HOT HOT R.E Hargrave does it again This has got to be the BEST BDSM love story I have ever read Including 50 Shades This story picks up right around Jayden and Catherine s one year anniversary, and Jayden is looking to do something special for Catherine Hot, steamy scenes a wonderful storyline make for the best installment to date.Read along as they take their relationship to the next level, and push every boundary that Catherine and Jayden have ever had The perfect mix of sex, romance just [...]

    4. With Jayden s decision made at the end of To Serve is Divine , we see his plan put into action to make Catherine his one and only sub and his lifetime collared sub He recognises that Catherine makes him feel things that he has never felt before and has broken his own rule in developing intense feelings for her The journey that he sets Catherine on is designed to push her limits and experience scenes with other trusted Doms before beginning a life of monogamy together While Jayden is very clear o [...]

    5. Ms Hargarve has outdone herself again I will admit to the fact that I yelled and screamed and though What is he thinking than once while reading about the erotic spa treatments Master Jayden has in store for his very confused sub Catherine has been through so much and with her feelings being so exposed and fragile, how would she react to his play dates The author pulled no punches in her delivery and amazed me at how she pulled a straight up no sharing newbie like me into her tale and made me s [...]

    6. This second book in the Divine Life Trilogy enchanted me from the very first page A fan of the first book, I was eager to read this one Jayden is a man who knows what he wants, and he will take it at any cost When he found Catherine, he knew she was special Getting to know her in the first book, he soon learned about the scars that made her unlovable in her own eyes She was ill used by her previous Master and had a lot of ground to cover to get past it Eager to please her new Master, Catherine a [...]

    7. 2 1 2 stars Hhhhmmm, well.i didn t post a review for the first book because i wasn t quite sure what to say I knew when i started this series it was a bdsm trilogy, so i was expecting lots of sex and not a ton of story but i was kind of hoping that would change a little in the second book, since things were starting to shift in the couple s relationship Boy was i wrong, i think the sex increased in this one That may not be a complaint for some but as much as i love good sex in my romances, this [...]

    8. I said it with the first book of the trilogy, To Serve Is Divine, and I ll say the same with this installment BDSM is not my genre Then why did you bother to read this book I hear you ask Well, simply because Hargrave has a writing style that sucked me in from the first sentence Not only that, but she keeps up with the plot of the story instead of relying on just the intimate scenes between her characters I m a sucker for a good plot, and Hargrave s stories always leave me wanting With A Divine [...]

    9. This was a perfect 2nd installment for the Divine Trilogy I didn t really think it possible but this is even sexier than the 1st book Erin s limits are tested as is the relationship between her and Jayden We learn a little of her past with the despicable Spencer through a flashback memory Even though the timeframe is considerably shorter than what was covered in the 1st book, I think that both characters actually grow and discover , not only of each other but themselves as well We re also intro [...]

    10. DisappointedLike everyone else I really enjoyed the first book I could not put it down and ended up reading it in about a day I cannot say the same for part two About halfway through the book I simply started skimming the pages and it still took me a good three weeks to complete it I like the couple, and their story well at least the part of it that was told in part 1 I love my stories to have detail, but this one had a little too much detail I know people say the sex was hot I like my books to [...]

    11. very nice to semi revist one s stomping grounds from Highland Park to Harry Hinesand Lovers Lane in betweenWhere was the Greek food delivered from oh and Sweetwaterway close to Colorado City.Jayden and Erin are now a loving couple beyond Dom sperhaps the black diamond came from Bachendorf s.wonderful writing, I did grow alittle weary of the photosin the garden, her being blind folded but soon read whyand my heart skipped a beat excited to read book 3hopefully it will be released soonbefore I for [...]

    12. This novel was 110% better than the first one in my opinion Everything was much clear You could feel the Dom sub s love for each other and that made it even beautiful Not to mention the scenes presented in this novel were made beautifully because of the love associated with the couple I am glad I gave this series a second chance, I hope that third one is just as good.

    13. I was given a copy of this book from the author, R.E Hargrave, in exchange for an honest review NOTE Before you read this book I highly recommend you read To Serve Is Divine Book 1 in The Divine Trilogy, since it ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger Read my 5 Star Review of it HERE.The ReviewJayden and Catherine are back and they are about to embark on a true test of their relationship Jayden has lined up several BDSM scenes for Catherine to experience His hopes are for her to experience them, enj [...]

    14. Audiobook version Oh my goodness I am writing this 2 seconds after finishing the book and am at a loss for words I love the turn the 2nd book has taken I can not wait to start the last book I don t want to ruin anything for anyone so I will just say, Catherine is taken through an amazing journey of ups and downs but I can say both Jayden and Catherine learn a lot through the span of this book I can feel amazing things coming in book 3 Can t wait

    15. I wasn t aware when I read this book that it was part of series I was asked to do a review for the blog tour so I happily accepted and by the first page I was hooked Even without reading the first book, which I now read and posted a review of that on this blog earlier this week I was so attached to Catherine and Jayden I rarely fan girl over a book, okay there are a few series that I have instructed my husband to bury me with, but this is certainly a book that didn t take much time to win a piec [...]

    16. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.If you can judge a book based upon how quickly you devour it, then A Divine Life by R.E Hargrave most assuredly receives the highest ranking I can give it Once I started reading it, I could not put the book down until I reached the very satisfactory ending A Divine Life is the second book in the Divine Life trilogy The premise of this book is a celebration of Cat [...]

    17. First let me just say that I love reading this series this book it pains me to say was a little oversexed and normally that s not a problem for me, but I just kept thinking that they should be talking and not having sex with that said A Divine Life is very descriptive and extremely well written You get a real feel for the character s surroundings which pull you into the story as well as the intimate scenes where the BDSM is very well written also The two characters Catherine and Jayden work real [...]

    18. WOWZA This book is just as good as the first one You have to read these in order I thought I had learned all there was to a Dom sub relationship in book one, who knew there was to it This author really did her work learning the ins and outs of this lifestyle It isn t what most think It isn t this sick and twisted thing people do You have to have complete trust and faith in each other There can be no secrets, you have to be open an honest about feelings and situations It isn t something to take [...]

    19. This book has been reviewed as part of an Author Feature Week over on Lily Loves Indie Below there is a short snippet of my review, but the whole thing can be viewed over on the blog here lilylovesindie p 145Honestly, I don t know where to start with this review I was truly speechless when I finished reading The book follows the development of Jayden and Erin s relationship as he lavishes her with surprises and treats to celebrate their first year together as Dom and sub, but for both of them, i [...]

    20. I was gifted a copy of A Divine Life from the author for my honest opinion on the story.I enjoyed To Serve is Divine, which was book 1, and if you haven t read it yet, please do not start this book until you do.A Divine Life blew TSID away and me along with it Oh Holy Hot ADL goes so far beyond anything I have ever read before There is a lot extreme action going on, and you just can t stop Some of Catherine s memories were so totally disturbing that I wanted to physically cry for her Ms Hargrav [...]

    21. The second book of the Divine Trilogy is intense and was a good read It is not for someone who is into light BDSM as there are some very hardcore BDSM scenes This book tested some of my limits and I did struggle at first to get into it Once I did I was glad I stuck with it because it was a great journey I liked the relationship between Jayden Erin Catherine I thought it progressed a long way since the first book and that they were in a good place in their relationship I especially loved how Jayd [...]

    22. This was a excellent read I m really loving the series and this book was a wonderful addition to book one Book one was excellent but the ending left stomping my feet and wanting to cry until book two came out lol I really needed I was so excited to see book two out sooner than I expected I had to read it ASAP I would and have recommended this book to anyone who loves BDSM or romance It s so well written than in my opinion the BDSM factor is not the main story so I think it s good for readers ev [...]

    23. Reviewed for Sarah and Kirsty s Book ReviewsThis is book 2 in the Divine trilogy and in order for this book to make sense then I recommend you read the first book which is To Serve is Divine After reading the first book and giving it 5 stars I was very excited to be diving into this one, so much so, I started it right away The book started off well, but then I thought Catherine got a bit whiny she was constantly second guessing everything happening to her and it got a bit annoying She did perk u [...]

    24. After reading the first book, To Serve Is Divine, I knew I needed to follow Jayden and Catherine Erin on their voyage and I m glad I did A Divine Life is a deeper look at the relationship between this beautiful couple We see Jayden push Catherine to her limits He is ever cognizant of what those limits are and while the reader wonders what the hell he is doing, he knows his submissive inside and out and knows without a doubt what he is doing Rest assured he IS in control He s fallen for her and s [...]

    25. 50 Shades has nothing on this book In the second installment of The Divine Trilogy RE Hargrave does a wonderful job of showing the inner thoughts of a Dom and his submissive This book makes 50 shades seem like child s play There are so many hot erotic scenes in this book Jayden has realized that Catherine is the only submissive he needs It s time for thier collaring anniversary and Jayden is going to bring all of Catherine s fantasies into a reality Can she handle the onslaught of this erotic ex [...]

    26. The first book showed us how Catherine and Jayden started their relationship, in this second book starts on Catherine s collaring anniversary and Jayden organized her a special day, where her limits are tested in ways that she imagined, but she is not the only one getting tested, Jayden is being tested as well, he comes to realize that she has fallen for Catherine, he must let go of his other submissives But in this book he also realizes he made a mistake, would this cost him the best thing he [...]

    27. Listened to the Audiobook My review for this book is almost the same as my review for book 1 My favorite part about this booke characters enjoy the bdsm lifestyle just because they enjoy it, no one is turning the another person onto it and no one is doing it because they have a bad past This is what I always see in these type of books and this was such a refreshing change This story was hot, details were plenty and characters were well developed The ending has a bit of a cliffhanger but it s not [...]

    28. This book started out with Catherine Standing in line to a club that was only open to the public one night a week After moving from California to Texas Catherine needed to resume her desire to be submissve and please a master After she meets Jayden He is everything she is needing Dominant, caring, and fulfills every need she requires But he also has 2 other submissives Catherine isn t one to complain she is falling hard for him But Jayden made it clear it would never be then just master slave r [...]

    29. This book was the perfect continuation of the first one It picked up right where book one stopped and took me on a completely erotic ride through HOT town R.E writes excellent sexy times and the BDSM premise is so well done She truly has a way with that My favorite aspect, though, is the romance between Catherine and Jayden With two incredibly formed characters such as these, one can t help but want them to have their happy ever after Although, it is a road of real doubts, hopes, and dreams betw [...]

    30. Wow, I finished this book last night and I m still left with the after effects today, this book is scorching hot I was not only fanning myself at the sex scenes I needed a cold shower.Ok so I had some issues with Jayden in book one of this series but by the time I finished A Divine Life they were a distant memory because Jayden made it all right in the end Once again I loved the different POV s Reading the Journey Jayden and Erin take through their Dom and Sub relationship, with the twists and t [...]

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