Winter Prey (2020)

Winter Prey The Iceman crept into the house on the edge of the lake He killed the father first Then the mother and child And when his work was done he set the house on fire Lucas Davenport had tracked killers in
  • Title: Winter Prey
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9781849834797
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winter Prey
    The Iceman crept into the house on the edge of the lake He killed the father first Then the mother and child And when his work was done, he set the house on fire Lucas Davenport had tracked killers in cities across America, but the woods of rural Wisconsin are as dark and primal as evil itself.
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    1. Since his New York adventure from the last book was wrapped up, Lucas Davenport is again bored and at loose ends With nothing better to do, Lucas is riding out a long winter in his cabin in the woods of Wisconsin Once again it s the murder of innocent people that will give Davenport something to occupy his time The guy really needs a hobby A vicious killer who thinks of himself as the Iceman is desperate to stop a compromising photograph becoming public so he butchers a family and burns their ho [...]

    2. This is excellent My first book by John Sanford and I ll never forget it, just so crazy good A must for any John Sanford fans and any detective lovers

    3. The first of El Leonard s famous ten rules for writing is, Never open a book with weather In Winter Prey, the fifth book in John Sandford s excellent Prey series, the author ignores the rule and opens the book with a blistering winter storm Indeed, the severe weather that permeates the novel virtually becomes a character in and of itself, to the point that the reader might well want to be sitting in front of a blazing fire with a snifter of fine Brandy close at hand.The book finds Sandford s pro [...]

    4. 8.5The best of this fine series so far The title is apt, winter really is at the forefront of everything The chill factor of reading about The Iceman pales in comparison to the chills provided by the ongoing wintry conditions Lucas faces What really made this one stand apart was the complete shift in direction to the last book where Lucas is now helping a small town hunt down a serial killer and work out who the chuff it is The added claustrophobia added by the wintry storm gives it a real uniqu [...]

    5. My thoughts on this entertaining thriller are divided One one level I loved it and thought it was a gripping suspense crime novel On another level I was underwhelmed by it The killer, the Iceman, perpetrator of such evil crimes, is a genuinely sinister and mysterious character He seems to have planned his actions with exquisite care, indicating a highly organised and intelligent person who can pass unnoticed in ordinary society Without giving away any of the finale, I must say that, for me, when [...]

    6. Outstanding What a way to end 2017Since I read these books out of order the author introduces Weather, the love interest for Detective Davenport The title says it all even the action is bone chilling.

    7. James Thane, a GR member, has the best review on this book Check it out.This is a chilling book The Iceman is the kind of guy who if he doesn t want a picture shown around, a picture of an unidentified nude man from the shoulders down, he will kill everyone in the house to find it You really don t want to cross his path Unfortunately, the LaCourt family does Lisa LaCourt finds a magazine picture and shows it to her friends on the school bus The nude man was weird, but even shocking was the nude [...]

    8. This is my third round of this episode in the crime fighting series of Lucas Davenport The story starts in the middle of a storm in Wisconsin and a figure who calls himself The Iceman He s looking for a picture a girl in the high school has of him in a compromising situation Lucas is in between jobs after his dismissal in the Minneapolis crime bureau The local sheriff asks for help in a triple homicide by our antagonist I enjoy this particular story, especially the local characters Davenport mee [...]

    9. Fifth in the Lucas Davenport thriller series revolving around an ex cop who misses the action This story takes place in Grant, in northern Wisconsin, in the depths of winter.My TakeMan, another good one from Sandford It s terrifying how easy it is for someone like the Iceman to exist within a community, to abuse and murder people without being caught It s such a small community that I bet every person could name off every other citizen in the area And yet, the Iceman hides within it.I d sure hat [...]

    10. The story takes place in Wisconsin Lucas Davenport is summoned from his cabin to take a look at a murder The murders are gruesome a man, woman, and teenage daughter were murdered, but not only that, the house was set on fire after the murders occurred The Iceman, who is the killer, is searching for a picture that could incriminate him in a child sex ring The murders needed to happen so his identity could stay a mystery Father Bergen, the local priest is their number one suspect From the beginnin [...]

    11. I love the Prey serieshave lost track of how many I ve read and have never been disappointed had to reach back to 1994 for this one, and can now attest that John Sandford s earlier books were just as good as his recent ones Hoping there are to come

    12. Winter Prey John Sandford s fifth of twenty four Lucas Davenport novels finds Lucas early in his career, just fired as a detective at the Minneapolis Police Department because of a tendency to bloody resolution of difficult cases A North Country sheriff calls him for help on a multiple homicide in which the LaCourt family was found in the burned out remains of their isolated house during a winter snowstorm We learn early on that the couple had come across a photograph showing a shadowy pedophile [...]

    13. This one felt a bit reminiscent of Eyes of Prey 3 and Silent Prey 4 in regards to the antagonist Iceman thinking in terms of himself and the Beast inside As in the Beast wanted to go kill them now The antagonist in the previous books thought of himself in terms of Beauty Too similar for my taste and maybe when the books were first published, it wasn t so bad given the lag in publishing dates, but since I m reading them almost back to back, it popped out at me I was also disappointed in how quick [...]

    14. Reading any of John Sanford s Prey series is always a treat, but as with most series books, I prefer to start at the beginning Given the rather large number here, of course, it s possible I won t finish for another few years I also like to read one or two, then a book by someone else, then back to a Sanford book, and so forth.This one is somewhere around No 5, and prior to this, I much preferred Sanford s books featuring Virgil Flowers But my husband Jack, also a Sanford fan who likes to start a [...]

    15. This is an interesting change of pace for the PREY series Instead of being set in a big city, the setting is a small Wisconsin town, which finds itself with a multiple homicide Lucas Davenport, recuperating in the area and still dealing with the effects of the last few books, is called in for help In addition to the change in setting, the antagonist of the book is NOT the usual super smart bad guy, which is a nice change from previous novels Davenport s love interest is actually a well rounded a [...]

    16. I caught a cold reading this, that can t be a coincidence I don t know how anyone can live in conditions like this, it was interesting to read about it but I definitely do not want a first hand experience.I liked the freelancing thing and the involvement of the Iceman s girlfriend , creepy, sad and too real.

    17. A decent outing that sets up Davenport into a different type of job Sandford really likes getting inside the heads of his killers, and I have to admit it s the least interesting aspect of these books for me Diving deeply into the dark heart of murder isn t all that interesting for me That said, he has gotten away from revealing the killer immediately and then making the entire book a big chase It s been much fun trying to figure out who the killer is, even as we get a peek inside the nutball s [...]

    18. I can t remember the last time I read this book, but man what a great book This is the one where Lucas get the scar on his neck that your read about later and also where he meets Weather.

    19. As others have said, I feel this is the best so far You feel the weather and the emotions of the characters Once started, hard to lay these page turners down.

    20. Good read This is The fifth book that I have read in the Prey series I d like to everyone so far I specially like the characters by the end of the book I feel like I know them.

    21. Rating 3.5 starsWinter Prey is the whole reason I wanted to read the Lucas Davenport series everyone, including my dad, seems to say that this is their favorite I ve been told that they need to be read in order, so I started with 1 Rules Of Prey loved it , tried 2 but couldn t get into it, read 3 Eyes Of Prey liked it , and skipped 4 for now because I was anxious to move on to this one Which brings me here And I m sorry to say that I was quite underwhelmed The book starts off with a bang, as Luc [...]

    22. The Iceman grabbed Claudia s parks hood, dragged her into the kitchen and dropped her She lay on the floor like a puppet with the strings cut off Sanford This is just one of the many bone chilling quotes that you will experience in this exhilarating unreal story The suspense of this twisted story is overwhelming and will have you anxious to continue reading Trust me, you will have a difficult time putting Winter Prey down The Iceman is a malevolent character who has a very warped past and his de [...]

    23. 5 of the Prey Series The author of four previous mystery thrillers starring Lucas Davenport evokes with precision and clarity two disparate, but equally unsettling types of harshness the raw power of nature and the pitilessness of certain human beings In a rural area of northern Wisconsin, a family of three is savagely wiped out by the Iceman, who then torches their house In pursuit of a damaging photograph a snapshot of him in a sexual situation with a local boy this fiend puts no value on huma [...]

    24. This is the 5th book of the Lucas Davenport series.Not sure what it says about me but I really enjoyed this book Lucas is up in Wisconsin still looking for things to do after his dismissal from the Minneapolis Police Department While spending time at his cabin he hears about a killing of an entire family It turns out they had a picture of a man with a little boy who is naked The man has an erection The man s face is cut out The Iceman was out to find the photo.This book has some pretty disgustin [...]

    25. Even making allowances for when this was written I can t go higher than three stars I mean, intellectually, I know that there are probably even a few people out there who still confuse pedophilia and homosexuality I don t exactly get why from a logical standpoint but I know these people live and breathe Yet, this ideology was so pervasive in WINTER PREY it started to tear me out of the otherwise really good plot I really just wanted to scream when no one could even fucking say pedophilia Nor was [...]

    26. Rated RHave you ever read a book that started with an introduction from the author about how fantastic the book is and how proud they are of the work you re about to read It s interesting.If you want to experience that, you probably want to try it on a different book.This one brushed the edges of an atrocity without really calling out the atrocity.The author introduced the killer once, which is fine unless you brag about the surprise ending in your introduction I m sorry, but a surprise is not a [...]

    27. An unidentified man referred to as the iceman goes on a killing rampage and Lucas Davenport is called in by the local sheriff to assist in the case At this point of the development of Lucas in the Prey series Lucas is in between jobs after being fired from the Minneapolis PD for the manner in which he solved a murder case Lucas developed a software writing company and bought a cabin in Northern Minnesota While living there he was contacted and asked to help a small police department This is also [...]

    28. Davenport meets doctor Weather Karkinnen at a crime scene he is investigating, and Weather will eventually become the tired plot trope of the woman who tames a bad but sexy man with her love and dedication Despite that, I did like Weather, for she doesn t take Davenport s usual shit The crimes were interesting, and I decided I do not want to spend winters in the far north, after Sandford s precise descriptions of brutal blizzards.

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