Alchemy & Mysticism (2020)

Alchemy Mysticism A fantastical journey through the pictorial world of alchemy and mysticism the Cabbala and magic freemasons and Rosicrusians This unique selection of illustrations with commentaries and source texts
  • Title: Alchemy & Mysticism
  • Author: Alexander Roob
  • ISBN: 9783822815144
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alchemy & Mysticism
    A fantastical journey through the pictorial world of alchemy and mysticism, the Cabbala and magic, freemasons and Rosicrusians This unique selection of illustrations with commentaries and source texts guides us on a fascinating journey through the representations of the secret arts.
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      Alexander Roob

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    1. This is a magnificent compendium of alchemical symbols and the mystic thought behind them Unfortunately, I was totally lost.This is not a book for the beginner which I am Alexander Roob does not provide a sequential narrative Those without knowledge of the development of mystical thought and alchemy would not be able to enjoy the wealth of information this book provides They can only enjoy the beauty of the images, and get some sort of rudimentary understanding, which itself is rewarding enough. [...]

    2. Stunning works of art of pure symbology, fills almost every page of this over 700 page book Well written description for every image helped to unravel some of the complex symbolical meaning of the alchemical art I ve learned a great deal from this book and it also received answers to some of my questions.

    3. 3.5 5 for the art and 2 for the descriptions and the narrative Ultimately this is a very well collated art album

    4. This is a must have for anyone interested in the alchemical arts or in occult philosophy It is filled with illustrations, which convey immense amounts of information and meaning It is a truly fantastic book.

    5. This book is over 700 pages, and no, I have not read them all It is mainly pictures however, and I have dipped into it widely A good reference work on the art associated with alchemy and to the degree it is possible with mysticism.

    6. This is not a book to read, but to contemplate Just like walking around a museum for hours will cause you to walk past Van Goghs and Picasso s in indifference, starring at these for too long will cause insensitivity or even worse literal mindedness This book doesn t go that deep into the principles of Alchemy, but it makes available unlike any other book I know of, a complete portal of sacred alchemical art both East and West To say one has read this book is deceiving ones self To say one has gr [...]

    7. Want to learn about perception The human mind Art Get it, stare at it, and when it falls apart from overlove, take the pages and frame them.The worst part about this book, well, two worst things about it, are 1 Many people end up with the abridged version Dont be one of these people It should be around 600 pages, any less and you ve been cheated out of some of the best parts.2 The binding is extremely weak, and it WILL fall apart quickly.

    8. This book assumes you already know a lot about alchemy and don t need any explanations, so it can be very confusing, but it was still fascinating to see how desperately people tried to make sense of the world And while it may all seem ridiculous now, it s still the precursor to modern science and we have to thank all these mystics for their unceasing curiosity Plus, the illustrations are absolutely stunning Such a bizarre and delightful picture book.

    9. Incre ble compendio del saber Alquimia, conocimiento, espiritualidad, m stica, saber, divinidad Me han impactado muchas de las cosas que he aprendido con este libro Creo que deb is descubrir como yo todo lo que os puede ofrecer

    10. This is the unabridged version that every one should track down right away Simply gorgeous, and of the quality one expects from Taschen when they re on top of their game.

    11. This is a good, sort of encyclopedic, introduction to the Western alchemical tradition Goes well beyond the facile pre Chemistry treatment often lazily given in historical discussions of alchemy s role in Western epistemology Let s address that epistemology I ve always been interested in these chimeric intermediary periods of history, and alchemy really does have one foot in the modern era, the other in the middle ages Matter and spirit weren t always so divided as they are in modernity, which i [...]

    12. 700 pages of classical and obscure alchemical, hermetic and other less easily categorisable images with short but excellent commentary Taschen has published a much shorter version 200 odd pages.

    13. un libro dedicato alle rappresentazioni pittoriche dell alchemia da sfogliare pi volte per perdersi nelle straordinarie illustrazioni raccolte che pi volte mi capitato di ritrovare nelle grafiche di dischi industrial o metal.

    14. A quite awesome graphic connection between many historic characters from the Scientific revolution like Copernicus, Newton, Kepler Great authors like Dante, Swift, Goethe, Joyce Occultist like Jacob Boehme, Aleister Crowley and Alchemy.It is remarkable that the root of revolution has its beginning in the tale of the salvation of the man by the man, that is the goal , the sorcerer stone of the great opus of the alchemy Impressionante conex o gr fica entre muitos personagens hist ricos , da revolu [...]

    15. Grande cole o de imagens associadas aos princ pios do hermetismo, da cabala e de outros princ pios m sticos Fragmentos Foram alguns colonos gregos do Egito antigo que identificaram Hermes lat Mercurius , o seu deus alado mensageiro dos deuses e deus da medicina, com o antigo deus eg pcio Thot, o tr s vezes alt ssimo Thot era o deus da escrita e da magiao condutor das almas atrav s do reino dos mortos psicopompos Ao pleroma, a plenitude espiritual do mundo de luz divino, contrap e se de imediato, [...]

    16. Preciosa aunque reducida colecci n de emblemas e ilustraciones sobre alquimia Mi ejemplar es el de la serie ICONS que hab a apartado hace ya varios a os y que se me ha ocurrido recuperar esta noche de insomnio gracias a los poemas de Cirlot Constituye un excelente aperitivo para coger con m s ganas la versi n completa del mismo autor, tambi n publicada por Taschen Y en cuanto pueda, me hago con Atalanta fugiens de Michael Maier.

    17. A wonderful collection, this book is mostly prints, engravings, and plates taken from centuries of Hermetic literature It explains or perhaps,gives an interpenetration to all the various meanings of all those symbols that Alchemists, Mystics, heretics , and Astrologers have used throughout history Worth it for the illustrations alone, I lucked out and acquired a copy for 2

    18. A beautiful compendium of pre modernist info graphics when the human soul, and it s making, were thought to be a great achievement by eccentric and isolated individuals This is a great visual porthole into the history of metaphysical thought, the early development of scientific thinking, and the romance of symbolic image making A great source of inspiration and just plain weird drawings.

    19. An eclectic and vastly interesting resource Its images takes precedence over its text, which is used mostly to catalog the pictures A must have for anyone interested in the intersection of mysticism and early science.

    20. There s a larger version of this book I remember reading, but this particularly volume trades off some detail in the individual drawing for a far portable and convenient size Lots of beautiful imagery and a little bit of history as well.

    21. The one very bad thing about this book is its binding It is impossible to open all the way This makes it difficult to view any whole pages.

    22. Incredible volume of alchemical illustrations, photographs, and quotes Excellent index Covers ancient period through to Yves Klein and Joseph Beuys.

    23. great for research not so great for general understanding you ll only understand it if you already know a thing or two about a thing or two

    24. who doesn t like gorgeous, useful, well bound Taschen books Especially this one It is a superficial and often helpful reference when it comes to my line of work.

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