All They Need (2020)

All They Need After all Melanie Porter has been through recently it s time to put her dreams first And she starts by opening a vacation retreat outside of Melbourne As she considers her next step the unexpected h
  • Title: All They Need
  • Author: Sarah Mayberry
  • ISBN: 9780373717422
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • All They Need
    After all Melanie Porter has been through recently, it s time to put her dreams first And she starts by opening a vacation retreat outside of Melbourne As she considers her next step, the unexpected happens One of her guests a friend the very attractive Flynn Randall makes it clear he s in pursuit Mel is definitely tempted Who wouldn t be But Flynn comes with striAfter all Melanie Porter has been through recently, it s time to put her dreams first And she starts by opening a vacation retreat outside of Melbourne As she considers her next step, the unexpected happens One of her guests a friend the very attractive Flynn Randall makes it clear he s in pursuit Mel is definitely tempted Who wouldn t be But Flynn comes with strings that could derail her plans First, he s part of the world she eagerly left behind Second, he s ready for a commitment, while she s still embracing life on her own.A resolution seems impossible until Mel proves that she s still in the driver s seat
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      Sarah Mayberry

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    1. I thought this was an amazing and heartbreaking read for a category romance There is a scene early on in the bk when the hero is still dating his GF before the heroine The GF movingly proposes marriage to the hero, complete with ring in hand and on bended knee It s agonizing for a variety of reasons The hero realizes that he had been leading the GF on and hates hurting a friend he has known since childhood I also felt sorry for the GF whose only flaw seems to be that she wasn t The One It s also [...]

    2. I really enjoyed All They Need though it took a while to take off but I could feel the pain of Flynn and Mel, Flynn dealing with losing his father to Alzheimer s, standing helplessly and unable to do anything for the man he adored and Mel and how she dealt with the fact that she, a strong vivacious woman, allowed her marriage to completely suppress so much so that she couldn t accept what Flynn was offering and was scared of life and to take risks.When the book opens we see Flynn attending a par [...]

    3. If I had to highlight just one thing Mayberry does that elevates her books above the rest, I would have to choose the way she writes disagreements Her characters act out at each other from a place of insecurity that feels true to the complicated, flawed little monkeys we all are They say the same stupid things and make the same silly mistakes we all do, then get to resolve them like we d all love to The end result is a powerful, engrossing story where you re rooting for the couple with your whol [...]

    4. Okay, Flynn is just unbelievably yummy And by that, I mean completely believably, but in that rare, this is just a really good guy kind of way How can you not fall in love with this guy The genius of Mayberry is that he s not so perfect as to throw you out of the story or to make you stop and think he s too much And Mel is the first romance heroine I can think of who is a big, even strapping woman with all that entails along the lines of Heyer s The Toll Gate, but with effect on events Not that [...]

    5. All They Need is the much awaited latest release by my favorite Harlequin author Sarah Mayberry This story is somewhat a bit different from the last two releases by Sarah Mayberry in the sense that this is less intense, a bit mellow and slow moving, but nevertheless makes for a great read, the remarkable ease with which Sarah manages to draw in the reader once again evident in this one as well.34 year old Flynn Randall comes from one of the richest families in Australia A single child, Flynn is [...]

    6. I just love Sarah Mayberry s writing I want to have it s babies Mel Porter and Flynn Randall were bare acquaintances while Mel was married to a member of Melbourne s upper crust society set Flynn s family is one of the richest, cream of the crop families But Mel herself had come from decidedly blue collar, yeoman stock and had never really fit in Her husband had constantly pointed out her flaws and over time it had worn down Mel s confidence to nothing.But the two meet up again after Mel s divor [...]

    7. 3.5 All They Need is an entertaining story by an excellent writer of category novels Sarah Mayberry s book are always worth reading because she has talent And while this wasn t her best book, it is still well worth the time and effort.Unlike most of Mayberry s books, the plot of this one was predictable, pat I did appreciate that Flynn is a good guy, willing to give up a lot for the woman he loves, but he comes off a little too perfect at times Mel was well written, Mayberry gives her the righ [...]

    8. 4.5 rounding upOH This book is a little too short Some of the middle development probably needed to be drawn out and Flynn s parents storyline could ve used attention.BUT I loved this for showing Flynn s understanding of Mel For showing that there are people out there who will accept your struggles.Also, for Flynn s realization of, the timing might not be right, but this person IS right, so I can t not pursue this I LOVE THAT view spoiler No engagement At least, not an explicit one They could [...]

    9. Ever since I discovered the Harlequin SuperRomance line not all that long ago really, Sarah Mayberry is an author I snatch up as soon as I see her newest release Some are good and some are incredibly wonderfully good This book for me, falls somewhere in between.I found Melanie to be a very unusual heroine She s taller than normal, and bigger than life though her ex husband has tried his very best to drum that out of her It was a very emotionally abusive relationship and understandably Melanie is [...]

    10. I really liked this latest book by Ms Mayberry What I like most about her books is that she is not afraid for her characters to be dealing with real issues In this one, the heroine is dealing with something that affected her directly while the hero is dealing with a medical issue with a family member that is effecting the whole family Mayberry s characters are adults they have responsibilities and lives and have to work at balancing everything, even a new relationship They are dealing with life [...]

    11. Very good book with issues rarely found in a romance Mel is finally starting to get her life back together after her divorce Her ex spent a lot of time on his emotional abuse, so Mel is trying to get back to the way she used to be She has no interest in entering a relationship where someone would have that kind of power over her Flynn has always admired her, but as he gets to know her he finds that they have so much in common He is dealing with a father who has the beginnings of Alzheimer s, and [...]

    12. Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerSarah Mayberry is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors, and one of the main reasons why I love the Harlequin SuperRomance line so much I wanted to read this book but I was wary about it as well because it deals with a subject that touches close to home Alzheimer s Needless to say this book had me crying from page one, but regardless of how that makes it seem this wasn t an overly dramatic read and I thoroughly enjoyed it The book opens wit [...]

    13. For a moment i thought i m gonna hand over another 5 stars and mark the Porter Sibling series as my favorite out of all Sarah s novels but, something happened when things were getting better and it just let me down.So, we can see from the first pages of the book that Mel and Flynn have a great chemistry and the strings of attraction pulls them together even if they are in different relationships Honestly, i loved this feeling, it was so nice to watch this i d like to take a bite of you thing tha [...]

    14. Mel Porter is struggling to get her independence and bravery again, after walking out of an emotionally abusive husband and unhappy marriage So when Flynn Randall is on her pursuit, Mel prepares to keep him at arm s length Because Flynn comes from the world where her ex husband used to come from And Flynn comes with a string he is ready for commitment, something that Mel promises herself no I m still wiping my tears while I m writing this down Isn t there any cruelest diseases in the world, th [...]

    15. Sarah Mayberry proves once again that she can balance writing about serious, meaty issues and heartfelt romance This is a very sweet story about two people finding love with one another after having been battered around a bit by life.Mel Porter is a vibrant, larger than life woman with a fantastic sense of humor who had most of her personality crushed out of her by an emotionally abusive ex husband Not surprisingly, as she comes into her own again she is wary of relationships and avoids anything [...]

    16. A very solid 4 stars Both lead characters have depth, you get to know them, as they get to know each other Friendship, support, love This is Sarah Mayberry best story yet Her secondary characters are real, they are not names on paper but fully fleshed characters despite the minimal space she can devote to them Flynn s parents, their love and devotion for each other facing a terrible adversary is really well done Flynn is a wonderful hero and someone you would want as a best friend, lover, son Me [...]

    17. B E A utifully written, this was the first Sarah Mayberry book i ve ever read, and I must say I am really very impressed The characters were so well developed, each of them have their own charm and before you know it you are already in love with them I haven t read many romantic novels, but hands down this would definitely be amongst the list of my top favorites.

    18. A story about a woman recovering from an abusive marriage and her fears about falling in love with a man, in spite of the fact that he happens to be one of the good guys A well written story and a very realistic portrayal of the wounds inflicted by abuse My only regret, is that it felt a bit long and dragged in the middle But I will definitely seek out work by this author.

    19. 3.5 4 stars Good to very good category romance with friends to lovers theme Well done with the believable characters and their foibles Good sexual tension, too I cried at one point towards the end, which is quite a lot to say about a Harlequin category romance.

    20. view spoiler Hero has had a crush on heroine for a long time, but she s married to OM So, when H bumps into h some years later to find that she s divorced, he can t help feeling the love all over again But the marriage has left the h emotionally scarred, wiping out her sense of self and her ability to trust her heart again She pushes the hero away They have an argument She hurts him, feels guilty and decides to tell him about her past The hero decides to wait patiently until she has outgrown all [...]

    21. Melanie Porter is still slowly but surely recovering from an abusive marriage With her new business just getting off the ground, she has vowed never to give herself to another man never to lose herself ever again She knows she still has much work to do to get back to the person she once was and wants to be again Admirable goals if it weren t for just one person Flynn Randall.Flynn is dealing with his own troubles and for some reason feels comfortable enough with Mel to lean on her Which she has [...]

    22. That s it I m done This book left me in a gooey puddle.Usually, I detest it when the hero or the heroine pushes the other away for some inexplicable reason or another And yet, this one worked.I really felt Mel s pain, her mistrust, her fear in letting anyone ever get close enough to hurt her again view spoiler In addition, I really wanted to smack Owen s face in for putting her through so much shit Seriously, that man was an awful piece of work hide spoiler And I felt Flynn s dedication, his lov [...]

    23. I finished this with a big happy smile I just love it when that happens.So What is this story about Well, it s about Mel and Flynn Mel has just left an emotionally abusive marriage, and is trying to rediscover herself She definitely is not ready for a new relationship Flynn on the other hand is dealing with his father, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer Both issues were handled with a great deal of sensitivity and both characters were three dimensional and all together wonderful There are so [...]

    24. What a wonderful wonderful book The main characters were lovely and endearing and normal I liked how they became friends before their relationship developed and that their friendship was based on a mutual respect and enjoyment of each other.

    25. Selected this book after hearing about Sarah Mayberry from the DA SB post cast So glad I did I hope to read from this author The book opens at a high society party in Melbourne Australia, where the oh so good looking and wealthy Flynn spots a tall statuesque woman Mel, the wife of an aquaintance rescuing a bracelet that had fallen in the pool When she falls in, she creates a spectacle with her now see through dress that her husband Owen finds unforgivable Fast forward 1.5 years and Mel has divo [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book The characters are interesting and entertaining and wonderfully realistic I loved that they had something other than mutual attraction in common they are both fiends for gardening, and they bond over this mutual interest I also loved that Melanie s issue from her first marriage she was severely emotionally abused by her ex husband and his family did not disappear overnight, nor was sex a cure for her insecurities It took her seeing that Flynn was a genuinely great guy, [...]

    27. Tough one to rate Probably a 3.5 and what takes the points off is the shade of insta love, as in thoughts about babies and marriage presented as a totally normal behaviour two weeks into a relationship Two fuckin weeks I m all for insta lust and falling madly and deeply head over heels with someone, thus wanting to get into a relationship and explore things further I m all for that, really, and I think it makes for a perfect romance recipe But dreaming about the future and dreaming about marriag [...]

    28. I really enjoy Sarah Mayberry s contemporary romances, but I was hesitant to read All They Need because well it deals with Alzheimer s and that kind of hits home However, Mayberry seems to explore these serious subjects with sensitivity and in the end that s what changed my mind It was an emotional read for me and of course that touch of realism hit me hard, but the romance balanced it out That s what Mayberry does so well.Mel and Flynn s romance develops nice and slow Flynn is a heck of a guy A [...]

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