The Snake Stone (2020)

The Snake Stone Lef vre a French archaeologist has arrived in Istanbul determined to uncover a lost Byzantine treasure Yashim is commissioned to find out about him But when Lef vre s mutilated body is discovered ou
  • Title: The Snake Stone
  • Author: Jason Goodwin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Snake Stone
    Lef vre, a French archaeologist, has arrived in Istanbul determined to uncover a lost Byzantine treasure Yashim is commissioned to find out about him But when Lef vre s mutilated body is discovered outside the French embassy, it turns out that there is only one suspect Yashim himself Once again, Yashim finds himself in a race against time to find the startling truLef vre, a French archaeologist, has arrived in Istanbul determined to uncover a lost Byzantine treasure Yashim is commissioned to find out about him But when Lef vre s mutilated body is discovered outside the French embassy, it turns out that there is only one suspect Yashim himself Once again, Yashim finds himself in a race against time to find the startling truth behind a shadowy secret society dedicated to the revival of the Byzantine Empire, caught in a deadly game deep beneath the city streets, a place where the stakes are high and betrayal is death.
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    1. Yashim did not challenge the men who met him or the women With his kind face, gray eyes, dark curls barely touched, at forty, by the passage of the years, Yashim was a listener a quiet questioner and not entirely a man Yashim was a eunuch The city of Istanbul is nestled under a cloud of apprehension in 1839 The Sultan Malmud II is dying and with any impending change of power the people are uncertain about how their lives will be affected by the will of the new Sultan Sultan Mahumud IIYashim has [...]

    2. I really enjoyed The Janissary Tree, so I was very excited about the release of the follow up mystery, The Snake Stone But, sadly, I found it terribly disappointing.Goodwin clearly as a vast knowledge of the world of 19th century Istanbul In his first novel, he carefully balanced his knowledge with explanations and descriptions that kept the reader engaged in a world that few Westerners likely know much about But in this new novel, arcana seems to have taken over, and it makes the story hard to [...]

    3. The Ottoman Empire feels like a great gap in my understanding of the history of the world, which I ve tried to fix over the past decade Jason Goodwin s Lords of the Horizon was one of non fiction histories I read and I ve enjoyed his move into fictionalizing the declining days of the Empire Set in 1830 s Istanbul, The Snake Stone, like The Janissary Tree before it, explores not only the solutions to crimes, but the culture and politics of the moment, from the perspective of eternal outsider Yash [...]

    4. I was disappointed to find the author pretty much stuck to a formula from his first mystery so this felt really repetitive, especially reading it one week after book 1 As in the first book, his writing is very lush and interesting, and I enjoyed the view of a place I was seeing nearly 200 years later But this mystery is even muddy than the first and in fact it s still hard to say exactly what happened This is not a good quality in a mysteryI don t like it when authors think it will be literary [...]

    5. Great description about 1830 s Istanbul that I did enjoy reading but just can t get into the detective part of the story Very disjointed and hard to follow I won t be finishing the series.

    6. Another interesting mystery by a noted scholar of Ottoman history he wrote Lords of the Horizons, perhaps the best introduction to the history of Osmanli dynasty from start to finish Jason Goodwin s Investigator Yashim is a eunuch a lala in Turkish semi involved with the Sultan s court who happens to act as a freelance investigator.In The Snake Stone, a French archeologist gets involved with Yashim and his friend, the Polish consul even though Poland does not exist as a country in the 1830s, whe [...]

    7. Ormstenens g ta av Jason Goodwin Boken var lite r rig innan jag hade l rt mig alla namn och kommit in i historien Milj skildringarna f ngslade och det k ndes som om jag befann mig i Istanbul N r jag b rjade lyssna p boken ins g jag att jag faktiskt hade l st en bok av den h r f rfattare vid ett tidigare tillf lle, den boken tyckte jag mycket om Eunuckens g ta.Den h r boken n dde inte riktigt samma h jder, nd fascinerades jag av ber ttelsen och kunde inte sluta lyssna p boken Kan varmt rekommende [...]

    8. I truly enjoy this series The description of the exotic city, people, food, and customs is fascinating In Stone, several murders have taken place and while a group named Hetira appears to be involved Yashim is primarily concerned with the death of a French archaeologist whom he saw just before he died Linking Yashim with this death would tarnish his reputation and diminish his effectiveness as an investigator As Yashim investigates the murders he finds himself trapped in the waterworks in a pool [...]

    9. This book was another excellent mystery about Yashim and his adventures in nineteenth century Turkey I love the attention to detail about Ottoman history this time it was set right before the death of Sultan and the cooking done by Yashim through the book just makes your mouth water This time, the book is set in 1839 Yashim is trying to find out who attached his friend the vegetable seller George, who killed a bookseller in the marketplace and a French archaelogist named Max Lefevre Yashim meets [...]

    10. Sometimes when I read an author I really like I want to read everything they ve written This happened to me with Jason Goodwin s novel The Janissary Tree Unfortunately that book was book 1 So, this month I read the next 3 books in the series The Snake Stone, The Bellini Card and An Evil Eye and am almost finished book 5 The Baklava Club The books are set in Istanbul at the time of the Ottoman Empire and the main character is Yashim, a eunuch formerly from the Sultan s harem but given permission [...]

    11. Jason Goodwin s Yashim the Eunuch books are making me hungry The way he describes Yashim buying food then preparing cooking the food or getting kebab or pastries at a street vendor or cafe well, I want to drop everything and search for those eggplants or peppers or drop into the patisserie lol, like we have anything similar in Dallas.Then he tops it off with a good mystery which takes Yashim from Topkapi to Galata to Pera to Balat and describes so well the major sites of Istanbul The details o [...]

    12. Ein im osmanischen Istanbul spielender Kriminalroman die Handlung ist mit der Biographie Lord Byrons und der griechischen Unabh ngigkeitsgeschichte verkn pft So weit, so gut das alles klingt eigentlich sehr vielversprechend doch das Buch selbst ist eint nig, langweilig, und nicht stringent St ndig werden neue Charaktere eingef hrt, die jedoch ein paar Seiten sp ter schon wieder sterben, und selbst bei der Aufl sung bleiben noch viele Fragen ungekl rt Dieses Buch bietet kein erf llendes Leseerleb [...]

    13. I enjoyed this episode in the Yashim the Eunuch series I enjoy this author the I read his work His writing depicts life during the peak of the Ottoman Empire beautifully I particularly love the descriptions of food and cooking styles I will say that his writing style does not clearly wrap up the murder for you with neat bows There is no Miss Scarlet killed Mr Body in the ballroom with the knife type wrap up You get a synopsis of what happened and you are expected to put two and two together for [...]

    14. The first book I read in this series was the Janissary Tree I enjoyed it than this one This novel felt disjointed There were too many asides that diverted and distracted me For example, Goodwin clearly enjoys supplying the reader with detailed descriptions of food preparation Sounded yummy, but I ll read a cookbook if that s what I m in the mood for I never felt that the characters were than props, so I never connected to the characters even Yashim was much shallow than in the first All in al [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book very much even though I m not completely sure what happened in it It s supposed to be a mystery but I m not sure what the mystery was or what the solution was But it s really a pleasure to read, wonderful lively descriptions The characters are interesting but not fully developed they re like short story characters, where you just get a quick sketch of just one side of their personalities But, as I say, still really a good book Not sure if I ll read another in this series, bu [...]

    16. Not a clear mystery story line A good read for those interested in immersing themselves in another culture, in this case an historical look at an exotic locale The story is set in Istanbul during the 1830 s and features Yashim, a former palace eunuch It is the second in a series and has very colorful secondary characters Many fascinating details about the customs, architecture and ethnic groups of this geographical area.

    17. I found this novel rather difficult to follow, so than the previous episode I like the general ambiance, love it when Yashim is cooking, but some of the things that happened were so intricate that I am not sure I understood them Or maybe it would be accurate to say that I didn t understand much of the plot I will however tackle the next episode.

    18. I love this series having been in Istanbul, I can see the places Goodwin describes and I love the historical detail.

    19. I wanted to enjoy this book because of the lush settings I think a lot of people will like them and the convoluted plot I thought, incidentally that the twists in the plot were just enough to make a good detective story if it weren t for some of the other things I sort of liked Yashim as a character, I liked the idea of a eunich as the main character and at times he was down to earth focused on food and caring for others and almost relatable But until half way through the book women did not appe [...]

    20. A tangled mystery I read this book after reading the Janissary Tree and expected it to be similar It was quite different but still enjoyable The mystery took 2 3 of the book to unfold and the end was wrapped up very nicely.

    21. A good way to visit Istanbul during these uncertain times Also full of historic tidbits of the area and its inhabitants The story line didn t grab me.

    22. I enjoyed this book, the complexity of plot, the insight into a past and exotic city at the juncture of East and West, and of course Yashim, person extraordinaire

    23. A bit confusingI do love looking up the words related to the Byzantine and Ottoman cultures But a bit confusing as a mystery.

    24. Yashim is an awesome character Great detective And the descriptions of Istanbul and the food Yashim cooks are positively gorgeous Enjoy

    25. With The Snake Stone , author Jason Goodwin shows he s grown in his storytelling abilities without compromising on the parts which made his previous novel, The Janissary Tree , such a fascinating read That plot could ve been compared to the simplicity of any Dan Brown like book, while with The Snake Stone , Goodwin reaches a climax that is so ridiculously dense and overly complicated it might easily remind one of the works of Raymond Chandler.Set again during the background of a fading Ottoman [...]

    26. The captivating return of Yashim, the eunuch investigator from the intelligent, elliptical and beguilingly written The Times, London close The captivating return of Yashim, the eunuch investigator from the intelligent, elliptical and beguilingly written The Times, London bestseller The Janissary TreeWhen a French archaeologist arrives in 1830s Istanbul determined to track down a lost Byzantine treasure, the local Greek communities are uncertain how to react the man seems dangerously well informe [...]

    27. THE SNAKE STONE 2007 Jason Goodwin .This was the second installment in the series of adventures featuring Investigator Yashim As in the initial volume, The Janissary Tree, the action is set in Istanbul What sets this series apart from other detective novels is the fact that Yashim is a eunuch, and a former member of the Sultan s court In return for doing the sultan a big favor see the author s previous novel Yashim now has free run of the city and is a privileged member of the palace Like you fi [...]

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